Crombie Anderson


Crombie Anderson is a multidisciplinary Product Design and Technology Development Consultancy and our services include: Industrial; mechanical; and electronic design.

We offer you a proven team of highly experienced designers, engineers and technologists, who since 1981 have provided leading companies with increased flexibility and creative capability to rapidly respond to market opportunities. 

We are flexible in our approach, to match your requirement, and all elements of our turnkey capability are accessible to you as stand alone services.

ISO13485 accredited design

Crombie Anderson are accredited for both of the following:

- ISO9001:2008 subcontract design and development of products for medical, laboratory and technology sectors
- ISO13485:2003 subcontract design and development of Medical Devices.

We are committed to maintain and continuously improve the effectiveness of our quality management system, the quality of our deliverables, and to strive to exceed your expectations.

Consultants Design and Engineering

Our professional reputation has been built on our ability to respond quickly and dependably in a manner that is always totally focused on the needs of our customers market.

Medical Product Design & Development

We specialise in technology and healthcare sectors and will work in partnership with you to create real added value, allowing you to exploit opportunities and grow your business faster and more efficiently.

Design Creativity

Work with us to share our creativity, enthusiasm, energy and excitement in creating new product design.

Front-end or conceptual design is a key component of our Total Product Development capability and is where we not only look to innovate features that will differentiate your product in the market place but also find that 'wow' factor that attracts and excites the end user.

Design for Manufacture

We place special emphasis on good design for manufacture, and from the outset are acutely aware of the cost and practicalities of production and will evaluate the most effective materials and methods to maximise first time success and control costs.

We understand the problems of both high and low volume manufacture and strive to provide the fullest possible support when our development work is transferred to your production facility.

We have a network of contacts with proven trade moulders and toolmakers and are able to provide a full support service during tool manufacture, supervising implementation and maximising quality.

Industrial Design - Consultants

Crombie Anderson knows that product appearance lies at the heart of many purchasing decisions, not just initially attracting the customer, but confirming a perception of value that persists with the buyer long after the decision to purchase.
The sleekest design will however be shunned by end-users if it fails to combine practicality with good looks.

The key to good industrial design is a harmony of aesthetics, ergonomics and usability and suitability for volume manufacture

Throughout the creative design process we make extensive use of CAD, foam, fabricated and rapid prototyped models to evaluate product configuration ideas, man-machine interface and appearance detail.

Mechanical Engineering - Design

Crombie Anderson’s core mechanical and electronic skills have a direct bearing on every aspect of your product.

Identifying synergies between mechanical engineering, electronics and computing (mechatronics) means we can help you generate more cost-effective, reliable and versatile end-products.

Our portfolio includes work relating to: servo control mechanisms, actuators, motorised systems, pressure vessels, structural analysis, and selection and use of electromechanical sensors, software and microprocessor control.

Electronic Design Services

Crombie Anderson’s extensive electronic experience encompasses needs analysis, CAD layout, prototyping, testing and production.

With a dedicated, specialist team, we have developed products from small volumes through to more cost-sensitive mass-produced items.

Proven Design Methodology

Crombie Anderson employs a proven concept through development to production' methodology. Projects are tailored to suit your requirements.


Crombie Anderson has one of the most experienced and competitive development teams in the business. If you have a new product development project underway or are about to commence a new project, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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