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Here at Cross and Morse, we are established manufacturers and distributors of a wide range of mechanical transmission products. Our extensive manufacturing capability gives us the ability to turn, gear cut, grind, keyway, drill and tap, broach, mill, hone, shot blast, induction harden teeth and chemical black. Expert engineering and technical support is available our drawing office use the latest Autodesk®  Inventor™ software . At Cross and Morse, we utilise modern CNC equipment to maintain our high quality of service. We hold a large stock of Power Transmission components which gives us a unique position of being both a stockist and a manufacturer.

Roller Chains

We produce various high quality roller chains using modern manufacturing technology. Our bespoke roller chains range from 1/4” to 2.1/2" in simplex and multi-strand forms and we supply an online roller chain catalogue for further details.


Our extensive range of sprockets includes larger sprockets produced in high grade cast iron, double simplex sprockets, taper bore sprockets and sprockets with induction hardened teeth. Various others built to British and American standard chains can be found on our website.

Gears and Racks

We can offer a diverse range of gears and racks. With the capability to supply on short lead times, we can provide the design engineer with excellent gear product solutions.

Our gear and rack collection includes bevel and mitre gears, standard stock gears, spur gears and straight racks.

Torque Limiters

Our torque limiter products are protective devices to limit torque transmitted in a drive system. Torque limiters slip when the torque demand exceeds the preset value due to a number of possible reasons, and re-engages when the overload has passed. We can offer these devices in many designs all available to view on our website.

Freewheel Clutches

We can offer a comprehensive range of high torque, compact freewheel clutches available with metric or imperial bores. Our website is a showcase of the freewheel clutches we can offer from standard roller ramp clutches to sprag and ball bearing clutches.

Shaft Clamping Elements

Our shaft clamping elements are an alternative solution to connecting hubs and shafts, using precision thrust cones to create high pressure as a fastening method between shaft and hub. Shaft clamping elements can provide many benefits including no backlash in the drive and easier connection and disassembly with simplified timing of drives and component positioning.

Timing Belts

Our timing belts have the reputation for high efficiency in the industry for mechanical power transmission. With millions of successful drives in operation without belt replacement for more than five years, we have a reliability factor too.  At Cross and Morse, we offer three types of timing belts to ensure we provide for a wide spectrum of industrial requirements.

Timing Pulleys

We can supply a wide scope of timing pulleys to cover all the belts in our range and beyond. Within our timing pulleys range we include classical timing belt pulleys, HTD pulleys, pulleys for metric polyurethane timing belts and V belt pulleys.

Flexible Couplings

The different types of flexible couplings we provide will cater for most types of drive installation. With many more flexible couplings available in detail to view on our website, some designs in our range include low backlash jaw couplings, elastomeric couplings, polymer gear couplings and roller chain couplings.

Attachment Chains K1, K2, M1, M2

We can adapt standard chain for conveyor applications adding attachments K1, K2, M1, M2 to suit your requirements. Our standard E1, E2 or E3 pins are available from stock or pins can be made to measure.

Sheargard Overload Clutches

The Cross Sheargard Clutch complements the range of Torque Limiters by providing machinery protection on applications where accurate torque control and shaft synchronisation are necessary; and when in the event of an overload, total disengagement of driving and driven members is required. The design of the Sheargard Clutches provides for the transmission of high torques (up to 125,000 Nm) with a compact , low inertia unit. Standard stock products enables prompt delivery at low cost of shearpin chain sprockets and flexible shaft couplings.

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