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Cross Electrical specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of electrical trace heating cable systems for process temperature maintenance of pipework, tanks, vessels, roads and ramps.

Cross Electrical is a market leader offering technical and practical expertise to provide trace heating solutions for numerous applications.

Cross Electrical specialist products include BASEEFA certified heating systems for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. Cross Electrical is a market leader offering over 40 years of practical expertise in the provision of underfloor heating. Cross Electrical can provide underfloor heating for any technical situation and requirement.

Utilising Teflon PFA technology, Cross Electrical High Performance heating cables satisfies a wide range of design requirements whilst retaining user-friendly flexibility for ease of installation. Our range of stainless steel sheathed mineral insulated heating cables for temperatures up to 550°C are also ex-stock.



Cross Electrical Ltd's Services

Our Services:

  • Consultancy & Design
  • Installation Services
  • Annual Maintenance Test & Report
  • Fault Finding & Rectification Repairs
  • Mineral Insulated Heating Cable Specialist




Cross Electrical Ltd's Services

Cross Electrical Ltd's Applications

Our Applications:

  • Frost Protection
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Hopper Heating
  • Temperature Maintenance
  • Hot Water Pipework
  • Road & Ramp Heating
  • Underfloor Heating
  • Specialist Applications (e.g. Internal Trace Heating)



Cross Electrical Ltd's Applications

Relevant Industries

Industry Applications of our Trace Heating:

  • Chemical
  • Construction
  • Cryogenic Storage
  • Domestic
  • Food, Confectionary & Beverage
  • Gas
  • General Engineering
  • Mechanical Handling
  • Nuclear
  • Oil
  • Petrochemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Power Generation
  • Refirigeration
  • Transport
  • Water & Sewage

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Relevant Industries

Hopper Heating

Hoppers come in many different forms, and, in order for them to work efficiently they usually have to be heated, to allow their contents to obey the law of gravity and flow out of the chute at the base of the hopper.

That is where Cross Electrical Ltd is the ideal company to supply suitable hopper heating solutions; we have developed a method of heating hoppers which is cost-effective as well as ingenious. Our mineral insulated metal sheathed heating cables cater for a range of temperature and application requirements.

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Hopper Heating

Road & Ramp Heating

Snow and ice often causes sizeable access inconvenience problems for both vehicles and pedestrians on roads, ramps, footpaths, stairways and more importantly emergency stairways and exits.

Cross Electrical offer a diverse range of snow & ice melting systems, melting snow and preventing ice which can lead to accidents.

Our snow melting solutions comprise of integrated heating elements & control units and can be designed to suit special application requirements.

Energy efficiency is the key to our design features, as all systems have ‘bespoke’ temperature control panels incorporating electronic controllers with remote sensors mounted in the surface of the outdoor area providing maximum energy savings.

Should the heating cables be directly under asphalt, embedded in concrete or integrated into stairways or steps our products provide longevity of service for any application.

Cross Electrical (Nottingham) Ltd also offer a range of frost protection systems for gutter heating and downpipes.

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Road & Ramp Heating

Frost Protection

We all know of the damage frozen pipes can cause in domestic houses after a particularly cold period when the temperature drops below freezing, which, due to global changes in the seasons, is happening much more regularly these days.

The same problem is very much a factor in industrial and commercial environments, and it  is not the actual freezing of the pipe work that causes the, often, expensive leaks, it’s when the pipes thaw and the splits or cracks become apparent, that the realisation raises its ugly head and the water causes the widespread damage.

The solution is to install ‘Cross’ Electrical Self-Regulating Heating cables (XEL), which will give you a totally reliable answer to the problems caused by the freezing conditions.




Due to the particular cold period last winter, trace heating has now become a requirement in many homes.

Central heating condensate pipes were a particular problem last winter: condensate pipes ran externally from the boiler froze outside causing the boilers to shut down.

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Thermal Insulation

The pipework must be fitted with trace heating cable and thermal insulation to retain the heat output of the cables and  provide an effective barrier against freezing temperatures. See our Thermal Insulation section: for more information.



Frost Protection

Temperature Maintenance

Many raw materials and products will only remain in a liquid state if they are kept above a specific temperature.

Electrical trace heating and thermal insulation provides the solution of maintaining the temperature of a product in a pipe or vessel ensuring that your process pipework and systems deliver your product to the point of delivery at the required temperature.

When subjected to low ambient temperatures or 'No Flow' conditions, heat loss can cause the contents viscosity to increase. This can cause the material to harden or set within the pipework, either slowing down the process or causing problems to pumping equipment.

By utilising the correct type of Heating Cable, Thermal Insulation and Temperature Control, process pipework will operate efficiently for many years.

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Temperature Maintenance

Bitumen Heating

Cross Electrical (Nottingham) Ltd specialise in the design, installation and maintenance of bitumen trace heating systems for storage, handling and processing facilities throughout the UK and overseas.

Having successfully installed Trace Heating systems for a broad range of applications to the industry, we offer a complete service regarding the trace heating of handling and processing  Bitumen in its liquid state.

Liaising with all clients, we listen closely to their individual requirements, offering practical advice regarding the temperature control of pipework, intended for the management and handling of liquid Bitumen.

For those clients with established Bitumen processing facilities, we offer a “supply only” service, providing fully terminated trace heating units from our range of XSSTC, heavy duty stainless steel sheathed heating cables.

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Bitumen Heating

Hot Water Pipework

Current building regulations require architects and building engineers to actively ensure that they reduce energy and increase the use of renewable sources of energy.

The energy saving that can be achieved on the hot water services pipework can have a huge impact on the total energy reduction of a building than most other services.

The “Cross” hot water temperature maintenance system (XEL-W) offers a simple solution to re-circulation systems. Combining hot water comfort with economy, the self-regulating heating cable on a single-pipe delivery system compensates for the heat loss of the water in the pipe and ensures hot water is delivered at the desired temperature all the way to the HWS outlet.

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Hot Water Pipework

Underfloor Heating

Cross Electrical (Nottingham) Ltd provides a range of underfloor heating products from Hemstedt, a German manufacturer renowned for developing energy efficient heating solutions across Europe.

Hemstedt manufactures heating technology for the home that incorporates sleeveless ‘cold to warm’ splice product innovation.

The sleeveless splice from the heating cable to the cold tail is absolutely waterproof and therefore ideal for installations requiring moisture proofing. This insulating covering is completely resistant to chemicals and temperatures up to 200°C and is provided right up to the termination point.

We offer: High Speed Floor Heating Mat, ALU-Z Dry Installation Mat, Green Electric Mat & Thermostats and Controllers.

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Underfloor Heating

Thermal Insulation

Heat flow is an unavoidable effect of the contact of objects of inconsistent temperatures. Thermal insulation supplies a way to maintain a gradient of temperature, by providing an area of insulation in which heat flow is reduced or thermal radiation is reflected rather than absorbed.

We would be only too pleased to provide a full quotation package from on-site measurements through drawing take-offs to a bill of quantities.

Our variety of thermal insulation services are:

  • Heating
  • Hot Water Services
  • Chilled Water Lines
  • Process Lines
  • Petrochemical Pipe Work
  • Petrochemical Plant Tanks
  • Vessels
  • Hoppers
  • Filter Systems
  • Personnel Protection

We also offer bespoke sheet metal manufacturing to pipelines, flanges, valves, vessels and ductwork.

At Cross Electrical Ltd, we also provide a large assortment of purpose-made insulation jackets suitable for valve & flange covers; mobile vessel covers and completely electrically heated jackets.

Cross Thermal Insulation Services are pleased to offer any technical advice and explicit specification application support.

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Thermal Insulation
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