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As leading designers, manufacturers and suppliers of conveyor systems and products, we have a team of expert engineers who produce the most reliable and functional products on the market.

We also supply Aqualine conveyors that are particularly suitable for the food industry where versatile and durable products and machinery are a necessity.

The Aqualine conveyors range is made from stainless steel and polyethylene. It is tailor-made for high risk food requirements.

Rotary Tables

As part of our extensive product line, we manufacture and supply Rotaline rotary tables.

Applicable to many situations and uses, these rotary tables are robust and can be acquired with a range of optional extra features. Expertly designed and cost-effective, our rotary tables can also be supplied to you as custom-built models.

Rotary Tables

End of Line Packing

For a number of businesses, end of line packing requirements can be labour intensive, often leading to higher costs. We have created a dynamic, economical and cost-effective solution for end of line packing issues with our 'platinum line' packing line station.

These models are versatile and can be integrated into many existing systems.

End of Line Packing

Waste-Line Lifter

Environmental, hygiene and health and safety issues are more relevant than ever before. They are a high priority for most businesses, but can sometimes prove to be time consuming.

This is now a problem of the past as we have manufactured the Waste-Line Lifter. The Waste-Line Lifter benefits from a unique design and highly-functional capabilities. The product helps you to completely dispose of your waste swiftly and effectively.

Waste-Line Lifter

Bespoke Conveyors

Our product range of conveyors is extensive and can be applied to many applications and industry sectors. All are manufactured to the highest standards with particular focus and care in reliability and productivity.

If you find that our range of conveyors does not quite match your requirements, contact us to discuss arranging a bespoke conveyors service. Bespoke conveyors will always be manufactured to the same high quality our stock range. We are always happy to help you in finding the most suitable design.

Bespoke Conveyors

Automation Solutions

We have 'in-house' controls, software and manufacturing facilities of the highest grade. With our expert engineers, we are capable of providing a wide range of automation solutions for conveyors and similar systems. All custom robotic and automation requirements can be taken care of with our automation solutions.

The applications include:

  • Product handling
  • Freezer loading/unloading
  • Product collation
  • Bar code reading
Automation Solutions

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