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Croylek Ltd is a leading supplier of Electrical, Mechanical and Thermal Insulation Materials, including harnesses and sleevings to clients within the UK and internationally.

The head office, based in Coulsdon, was established in 1964 and for five decades, have been providing excellent electrical insulation products and materials from well known manufacturers.

With a secondary office located in Hong Kong, Croylek is strategically positioned to offer products directly to Asian customers.

Added Services

Croylek offer a wide range of logistic options to customers in order to suit delivery and stock holding requirements.

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Our services include:

  • Standard Product
  • Kitting
  • kanBan
  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
  • Exports and Overseas Deliveries
Added Services


Croylek Ltd has a growing customer base, located throughout the UK as well as international countries, including clients from various industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical, mass transportation etc. The company's diverse product range means it can supply to each and every client, whether existing or potential.


Quality Assurance

Croylek Limited has a well established Quality Management System, certified since 1998 to internationally recognised standards. In addition, Croylek has attained ‘Quality’ recognition and approvals from world class blue chip organisations.

The company currently holds an ISO 9001:2008 certification for the following activities:

  • Supplier of Electrical Insulation Materials, Mechanical and Thermal protective systems
  • Industrial Lead Wires and Cables, Harnesses and Sleevings, Films, Tapes, Industrial Laminate Sheets and Boards
  • Kitting, Converting, Cutting, Slitting & Punching Services
Quality Assurance


Innovation is a major aspect of Croylek’s on-going strategy. As a result, the company invests heavily on the most up-to-date industry technology. Our machinery, experience, expertise and our CNC and CAD/CAM software enables us to deliver your products to your exact specifications.

Using state of the art machinery, which includes one of the largest flat bed cutters in our industry, we can:

  • Cut
  • Convert
  • Process
  • Rout
  • Bend & Shape a wide range of materials quickly and  efficiently.

Our Brands

Customers have direct access to Croylek's own brand of Croysleeve, Croytape, Croylam, Croyfilm, and Croyflex as well as Miscellaneous products. So whatever the application, we can certainly provide the product or material needed.

Our Brands


Croylek Limited process and supply a comprehensive range of Croysleeve products, of which a majority can be effective in temperatures ranging from -40 degree celcius to +260 degree celcius.

This large range of extruded and braided sleeving can be made available to you in various polymeric materials. The extrusion process offers the flexibility of a large number of available sizes both in bore and wall thickness, as well as a complete range of colours, without having to impose large minimum order quantities. All materials are available in coiled format or on bobbins. Croylek's processing capabilities means that services such as 'cut-to-length' can be used to produce pieces from as short a length as 3mm.

Please note: We also produce marker sleeves to order.

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The Croytape brand covers a wide range of adhesive, non-addesive and woven tapes tapes.

Using our processing and conversion facilities, most tapes can be offered as converted piece parts such as washers, masking dots and quick release pads. The process also allows for the majority of tapes to be slit to any width required.

The adhesive tapes are available in a number of different tack strengths. All substrates are available in a number of thicknesses and, in many cases, a variety of colours. Substrates available include paper, cotton, polyester, glass, Nomex® and Kapton®.

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Our range are also available with three different adhesive systems:

  • Runner Thermosetting
  • Acrylic Bases
  • Silicone Bases


Croylam is the brand name used for the variety of laminates, sheets and rods we currently have in stock.

These materials are crafted by traditional methods giving exceptional quality and enhanced performance from paper based presspapers and Paxolin materials in several different grades, to high temperature, high performance GRP materials. The majority of materials are available in sheet form or as tubes or rods. Our processing and conversion facilities means we are able to offer customers a milling/machining service to supply in the final format required.

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This range is largely used for its mechanical as well as electrical properties and includes:

  • Presspapers
  • Rigid Composites
  • Rods and Tubes


The Croyfilm brand name is given to a range of largely polymeric materials that offers a broad array of applications requiring superior dielectric and thermal characteristics.

Using our state-of-the-art CAD/CAM machinery, we are able to offer all of these materials in piece part format. The ability to process, convert and slit products/materials means we can produce many of these without the need for tooling charges.

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All of the materials are available in:

  • Full Width Rolls
  • Sheet Form
  • Slit To Width Tape


The range of Croyflex cables is a selection of the most commonly used within our industry. The fact that there is a vast range of cables available that would suit many different applications means we would advise that such specific requirements be discussed with our sales staff in order to obtain the most suitable cable. We are able to supply most of our cables in a wide range of colours and can offer a cut-to-length service as well as cut and stripping, crimping and terminations.

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