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CS Automation provides bespoke automation solutions to suit our customers’ requirements. Whether it’s a small workstation or a complete system, semi-automated or fully automated, we have the flexibility to design and build machines for any application.
CS Automation was established in 2009 when it bought Chess Systems’ business. Chess Systems had manufactured high quality Special Purpose Machines since 1991 but with the rapid expansion of other business in the Chess group they decided to sell Chess Systems. CS Automation was set up by former Chess Systems employees to build on Chess's reputation and provide innovative solutions to meet their customers’ needs.

Special Purpose Machines

CS Automation both designs and develops automated assembly, inspection & test systems to meet the needs of a variety of industries, including the Automotive, Aerospace, Electronic, Medical, Semiconductor, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics and High-Tech industries.


Laser Applications

CS Automation can provide manual or fully automated custom built handling solutions for laser applications. We work with various laser suppliers to provide the most appropriate laser marking, welding & cutting solutions.

CS Automation work closely with various laser suppliers to be sure the most appropriate laser is selected for each project. Depending on the application, we can provide manual, semi-automated or fully automated custom built handling solutions and we have experience with different laser types such as Nd:YAG diode, lamp pumped, and CO2 lasers.

Motion Control

CS Automation are experts in both designing and manufacturing special purpose machines incorporating multi-axis motion control.

Depending upon the application, CS Automation will use Linear, Servo or Stepper motors and Pneumatics in our bespoke automation solutions as appropriate. Examples include pick and place, controlled application of force to a device, testing of components, product handling and product manipulation.

CS Automation can achieve high speed high accuracy positional control by selecting the most appropriate motion control and suitable actuators, thereby optimising machine cycle times. 

Robotic Integration

If flexibility is a key requirement for your handling system then a robotic solution may be the answer.

CS Automation can design a robotic handling solution from scratch, whether it uses a 6-Axis, Scara or Parallel Arm system, or is a 1- or 2-axis pick-and-place. We can provide a completely integrated solution including programming, endefector tooling and guarding.

The benefits:

  • Standard equipment - Low project planning risk.
  • Outstanding availability.
  • Can be used in a three-shift operation.
  • Long service life - more than 10 years.
  • Virtually maintenance-free and wear-free.
  • Low running costs.

CS Automation can integrate robots into your current or future manufacturing needs

Vision Systems

CS Automation has extensive expertise in machine vision integration. We can provide solutions for applications such as, but not limited to, part presence detection, print quality inspection and laser 'through the lens'.

Bespoke Solutions

CS Automation is your strategic partner for the development of future generation custom-built automation systems. We have the experience and ability to cater for projects of all sizes. We have the flexibility and attitude of mind to create a solution which meets your needs, whether it's a feasibility study, prototype build, bespoke machinery or adding a modification to your existing mature process. Whatever the application we believe in using all the latest technology and working together with our suppliers to provide the most appropriate solution for our customers’ needs.

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