We are a ONE-STOP-SHOP providing IT and Communication Services to our clients. We provide IT Computer Support Essex and the surrounding areas.

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In today's world, computers are everywhere, from business to leisure and from home to school.  As everyone who lives with computers knows, they have a lot of potential, as well as a number of pitfalls, locked up inside, all you need is somebody to guide you through to that potential.

CSD specialises in IT Computer Support Essex and Development for the individual and small - to medium - sized business, with every support package tailored to meet Clients' needs. 

Whatever your computer requirements are, CSD can help.  Where computers are concerned, the sky's the limit, so let CSD provide you with an IT Department, to help you make the most of your computer equipment.

What We Do

At CSD we provide a full range of IT and Telecom services being provided in-house to enable us to provide a speedy efficient service by removing any third partys.


CSD provides both on-site and remote support.  The remote support can either be provided over the telephone or by remote controlling the client's computer.

CSD custom creates their support packages to the client's requirements to provide the client with the exact level of support that is required.
Whether the client has a stand alone machine or a network of multiple machines and servers, CSD is able to provde the support exactly to the client's requirements.


Whether the client requires a single page or large website, CSD is able to provide a service.

CSD is able to design, develop, maintain, host and administer websites.


CSD Ltd provides Internet services under the brand name of CSD Internet. We can provide this either as ADSL broadband utilising a phone line or else we can provide an Ethernet or Wireless Service.

ADSL Broadband

We provide ADSL MAX services through the phone line at speeds of up to 8Mbps on either the Premium or basic platforms.

Our packages vary from very basic including 3GB of data per month right through to unlimited useage. Although our packages are designed to cater for businesses and individuals alike.

The services can be provide as managed and un-managed.


Whether clients require some advice, maintenance or even a completely new telecom system; CSD can help. 

As well as advising, CSD can either organise the installation of a telecom exchange or we can install an exchange for the client.
  If required, CSD can co-ordinate with the client's telecom provider to have new lines installed or existing lines modified to be compatible with a new system.
  We are able to either install an independent telecom system or integrate it with a computer network.

Phone Systems

CSD is able to provide most types of telephone exchanges to the clients.

With modern technologies moving towards the VOIP phone systems CSD is proud to be a Partner with 3CX providing the 3CX VOIP phone system to clients.

Click here to view a copy of the 3CX Brochure


At CSD we install new computers as well as maintaining old computers.

CSD installs new computers to clients customised to the clients requirements. We predominently install Dell computers and we are a Dell Registered Partner but we can supply other brands if the client has a preference.  As well as complete computers we also install new components to upgrade existing computers.


CSD provides both on-site and off-site maintenance of computers.

We can either go to the client and carry out the maintenance on-site or else if the client requires we offer an on-the-bench service where the client can drop the computer off at CSD and then we will contact the client once the computer is repaired.

With the on-the-bench service we offer it with two turn around options. The first is where we will aim to turn the machine around withing 24 hours and the other is where we will aim to turn the machine around within 5 working days.


CSD provdes backup services varing from setting up an on-site backup facility through to a fully managed backup service. We will always customise the backups to the clients needs to make sure that it fullfills all the clients needs.

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