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It is of great importance for every company to keep the cost of waste water effluent treatment as low as possible. Both indirect, as well as direct costs, are important but more often it is unclear exactly as to what these costs are. Process simplicity is the main factor in keeping the total cost of ownership to a minimum.

CTECH Europe’s PolyClay is a blended product based on natural minerals supplied in a number of semi-granular and granular formulations which are added directly into the waste water. The components of the formulations dissolve and react in sequence. They work by pH adjustment, precipitation, ion exchange, coagulation and flocculation.

Our chemicals offer many advantages over traditional treatment methods.

CTECH Europe (previously Colloid Treatment Technologies) supplies industrial waste water treatment systems, PolyClay treatment chemicals and EuroMixers mixers and blenders for industrial applications.

CTECH Europe supplies a complete range of water treatment systems and PolyClay chemical flocculants for an efficient and cost effective treatment of industrial waste water.

CTECH Europe's team of specialists offer a complete range of services including engineering of complete systems, modifications and upgrades of existing systems, installation and maintenance, supply of all consumables such as chemicals and all kind of filter materials and mediums.

EuroMixers, with more than 20 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of industrial mixers, offers industrial mixers and blenders for different applications such as mixers for IBC containers and portable mixers.


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