CTU Camera Technic Ujvari


TU Camera Technic Ujvari – a producer of inspection systems for pipes and tubes. Tube camera, pipe camera, coiler, cable drum, slide rod, glass fibre pole, LCD, DVR, metering fading, data registration and comprehensive accessories.

CTU Camera Technic Ujvari

Video inspection for the optical examination of pipes, tubes, drain pipes, cavities, ventilation shafts, chimneys, sewage tanks, fountains, ...

Robust and service-friendly systems with high levels of quality, built and developed on our own premises.

CTU Camera Technic Ujvari

CTU Camera Technic Ujvari

Product examples:

Pipe inspection system with glass fibre cable on a coiler.

Pipe inspection system with multi-wire cable on a cable drum.

Cameras (slide-cameras) with Ø 27 mm to Ø 50 mm for pipes from 40 mm to 300 mm

Accessories: Adaptor shell, trolleys, slide rod, locating device

CTU Camera Technic Ujvari
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