Curtis Vibrators (Grantham) Ltd.


Established in 1973, Curtis Vibrators Ltd have been designing and manufacturing all types of vibratory equipment for use in many industries such as recycling, rubber and plastics, foundry, glass, pharmaceutical, food and adhesives. Now established as one of the country’s leading suppliers of vibratory equipment, we also supply compression springs.

Spiral Elevators (Lifting Or Lowering)

As well as lifting products, spiral elevators have other uses and the spirals can be made in either stainless steel (which can be glass bead finished) or mild steel. We can manufacture spiral elevators with completely enclosed spirals which are ideal for use with fine powders. Both curved and flat flights are available, depending on the product being elevated and either can be corrugated. Our range also includes twin track spirals and vibratory cooling elevators.

Spiral Elevators (Air Cooled Or Water Cooled)

We design and manufacture both air and water cooled spiral elevators. Available with corrugated flights and a top or bottom drive our vibratory cooling spiral elevators also have:

  • A large diameter, shallow dish to allow maximum retention time
  • A fan to blow air through or over your product
  • Our water cooled models have their own chiller

Whatever your vibratory cooling elevator needs are, we can help.


Curtis Vibrators’ conveyors are made of mild or stainless steel, they experience minimal degradation and are low maintenance with low transmitted vibration. In addition they:

  • Are of robust construction
  • Have top or bottom drive
  • Are available in widths up to 1,500mm (5ft) and lengths up to 7,500mm (24.5ft)
  • Can be totally enclosed, inclined or declined

Our conveyors can also be controlled through an inverter which allows for output to be varied.


Our screens can be designed and manufactured to suit your needs. Robust construction in either mild steel or stainless steel, our screens are low maintenance, with minimal degradation and low transmitted vibration. We offer multi-deck versions which can be inclined, declined or totally enclosed to suit your needs. The panels are available either with perforated plate, woven wire mesh or wedge wire panels and for damp materials our screens have piano wire pre-tensioned panels. In widths up to 1,500mm (5ft) and lengths up to 7,000mm (23ft) we can meet your screen requirements.

Shakeout Grids (Foundry)

Used to separate large lumps of material from smaller particles such as sand, our shakeout grids are suitable for foundry work as well as other industries where materials need to be separated including food production, rubber and plastic recycling, animal feed and quarrying etc. We are able to design and manufacture bespoke shakeout grids so please contact us to discuss your requirements.


  • Feeders are twin motor driven to provide a controlled feed from hoppers/storage etc
  • The can have a scarfed end to spread evenly over other wider conveying equipment
  • They can be totally enclosed or tubular if dust is an issue
  • Feeders are stainless or mild steel construction and can be inverter controlled

Screening Conveyors

We design and manufacture screening conveyors that are:

  • Robust construction
  •  Mild steel or ST/ST
  •  Low transmitted vibration
  •  Low maintenance
  •  Min degradation
  •  Top or bottom drive
  •  Widths up to 1500mm (5ft)
  •  Lengths up to 7500mm (24.5ft)
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