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Penny & Giles is a product brand of the Curtiss-Wright Industrial Group and is an established manufacturer of high quality, reliable and durable products. The company has developed a comprehensive product range that includes:

  • Linear position sensors
  • Linear displacement transducers
  • Rotary position sensors
  • Rotary displacement transducers
  • Tilt sensors and inclinometers
  • Multi-axis joystick controllers
  • Linear and rotary faders
  • Solenoids and solenoid valves
  • Signal conditioning electronics
  • Digital panel indicators
  • Motor controllers for industrial vehicles
  • Mobility vehicle solutions

Standard or Custom Joysticks, Sensors, Solenoids and Motor Controllers

We specialize in the rapid manufacture and supply of standard products, but for the more demanding applications, we are also expert in the design of custom solutions, especially for large volume specialist users.

Applications for Joysticks, Sensors, Solenoids and Motor Controllers

We have almost 60 years of knowledge and experience in solving customer’s application problems by using the most appropriate technology, packaged to match your operating environment.

Penny & Giles is a product brand of the Curtiss-Wright Industrial Group, formed from a number established specialist companies who are experts in the design, testing and manufacture of a range of components and systems for the safe and reliable operation and control of mobile and static machinery - especially off-highway vehicles, heavy trucks, buses, military vehicles and motorsport.

The Curtiss-Wright Corporation is headquartered in Charlotte, NC, USA.

Joystick Controls

We offer a wide range of finger and hand operated joystick controllers developed for the smooth, precise control of critical functions in a variety of industrial applications where a Human-Machine Interface (HMI) is required.

Available in one, two or three axis configurations, with ergonomic handle styles to enable superb proportional control. Each model has a range of selectable options for the most comprehensive matching of the joystick to your application.

We can also offer a selection of handles that can be supplied as separate products for attachment to mechanical levers.

Linear Position Sensors

We offer a wide range of linear position sensors, linear displacement transducers and linear potentiometers that offer stroke length measurements from 0.2" (5mm) to 79" (2000mm).

We use technologies that include potentiometric, inductive, and Hall effect, packaged in rugged housings, with mountings that give the user a wide range of flexible installation options.

Rotary Position Sensors

We offer an extensive range of rotary position sensors with angle measurements from 10° to 360°. We use Hall effect, inductive and potentiometric technologies, packaged in compact or rugged housings, with environmental protection to IP68 and IP69K.

Designed for demanding control system applications in off-highway vehicles and other machine controls where accurate, repeatable and reliable output signals are important. We use long life sensing technologies to maximize performance in the harshest of operating conditions.

Developed and qualified in the UK, our product range includes standard configurable designs, but we also specialize in providing unique custom designs for large scale OEMs.

Tilt Sensors

The STT Tilt Sensor series use solid state 3D-MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) technology to measure the tilt sensors inclination relative to earth's gravity. These electronic tilt sensors are suitable for use in applications such as road construction equipment, cranes and booms, scissor lifts, agricultural vehicles, container handling and hydraulic lift systems.

 By using solid-state system-on-chip technology, the STT series provides distinct advantages in reliability, stability and compactness over fluid based, electrolytic and pendulum operated sensors. For maximum flexibility this new tilt sensor range has a low power requirement of less than 6.5mA, so it can be used in hard-wired or battery-powered wireless systems.

Pressure Sensors

A diverse range of proportional pressure sensors that offer measurement ranges from 0 to 4000 bar, accuracy from 0.1%, offered with either stainless-steel or silicon diaphragms and pressure modes including; absolute, relative, gauge and vacuum.  With a large range of pressure and electrical connection variants, electrical supply and output options all housed around a compact and robust design.

Motor Controllers for Industrial Vehicles

We can supply a diverse range of controllers offering, AC motor control, permanent magnet DC motor control and separately-excited motor control suitable for a wide range of electric vehicles, such as pallet trucks, stacker trucks, tow tractors, fork lift trucks or any other type of battery powered vehicles. All products offer an excellent combination of compact and robust design, power, performance, functionality and cost.

Mobility Vehicle Solutions

A world-leading range of wheelchair controllers, rehab control systems and mobility scooter controllers developed specifically to meet the challenges of the modern, medical mobility market.

A determination to provide the very best in innovative control solutions means customers are assured of excellent support during design and manufacture of their own products. State-of-the-art design tools and techniques are used extensively, resulting in fast and efficient development programs which are able to react to changing market requirements.

All products are designed to meet the latest international safety standards utilize design and manufacturing processes accredited to ISO 9001.

The products are the legacy of the PG Drives Technology company, formerly part of Penny & Giles, founded in 1976 and acquired by Curtiss-Wright in 2012.

Signal Conditioning

We offer a range of signal conditioning modules designed to operate with our position sensor products, providing enhanced signal options that include extended voltage outputs, current outputs and digital (PWM) output.

Product Family: SSC

The Penny & Giles model SSC is a Sensor Signal Conditioning unit housed in an IP68 protected metal enclosure. It is suitable for use with any sensor that produces a dc output signal voltage in the range 0 - 5Vdc.

The SSC also provides a 5Vdc source that may be used as a supply for many types of sensor, including potentiometers, contactless position transducers, tilt sensors, pressure transducers and load cells.

The SSC converts the sensor output voltage signal to a 4-20mA (or optional 5-19mA) current output, or by using additional module cards, into a variety of different voltage formats or a digital PWM output.

Digital Panel Indicators

Single Channel Digital Panel Indicator

The DMP200 series consists of four universal input indicators offering unparalleled price and performance. The use of surface mount components and modern microprocessor technology has enabled powerful features to be packed into a standard 1/8 DIN case, with measurement performance significantly better than other indicators in their price range.

Single Channel LVDT Panel Indicator

The DML300 series of digital panel indicators is designed specifically for use with LVDT transducers. The 'Fast-Cal' feature provides a fast and simple means of calibrating an indicator to the transducer at any two stroke positions.


Our wide range of solenoids and solenoid valves (formerly branded Mechetronics) include standard and configurable designs in a selection of solenoid styles. We can also supply modified standard designs to suit your specific applications, or unique custom designs for large scale OEMs.

Product types include C and D frame solenoids, AC laminated, flapper and latching solenoids, shot bolts and locking solenoids, tubular solenoids, solenoid valves and holding magnets.

Audio Faders and Video Controllers

The Penny & Giles brand audio faders and video controllers are the premier choice for the world's leading sound and vision console manufacturers, and are considered the industry benchmark for quality and reliability.

Our range includes both manual and motorised linear motion faders; manual rotary faders; and T-Bar video controllers.


Curtiss-Wright Industrial Group - Penny & Giles has locations in the USA, UK, Germany and China with design and manufacturing in the UK and China. Combined with our extensive distributor network and after sales support partners, you can be assured that we have local expertise to assist you, wherever you may be located.

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