Custom Photo Magnets


We produce photo magnets and help people turn photographic images into a profitable line of bespoke magnets perfect for gift shops.

Our square sized photo magnets are 50mm x 50mm and standard size is 52mm x 76mm. We also produce large sized portrait magnets measuring 65mm x 89mm and panoramic magnets with 118mm x 42mm dimensions.

Custom Packaging

As well as customised photo magnets, we also offer custom packaging to truly enhance the appeal of your magnets. Often, gift shop customers are not only looking for a souvenir for themselves but also for family and friends. Custom packaging then plays an important part in what appeals to them and what they buy.

Our bespoke packaging is highly cost effective in quantities starting at 1,000. The front and back of the card is printed to your requirement and the magnet is placed in a self-seal polybag.


Our wide range of custom magnets has included photo magnets for art galleries, museums, adventure parks, and historic houses and palaces. They are also perfect for railway centres, wildlife parks, aquariums, and zoos.

We have created magnets for gift shops in Caithness, Liverpool and Whitby as well as for our international customers in the Falkland Islands, Finland and France.

UK Photo Magnet Production

Our UK photo magnet production is easy to understand and broken down into simple steps. First you have to complete our online quotation form and then we can move onto the order.

Through our website, you need to provide us with the text and images you would like on the magnet. A paper mock-up of the magnet is then sent for your approval. The final stage of our UK photo magnet production is creation and delivery. After you have a quotation, it usually takes us approximately 15 working days to complete your order.  

About Us

Previously under the name The House of Magnetix Ltd, we have been specialising in custom photo magnet production for over 15 years.

Our abilities and services are diverse and we can cater for a range of requirements. Whether your order is for the minimum of 300 magnets or if your order is for so many more, you receive the same high quality service and customer care. We have a satisfied and diverse customer base in the UK as well as in Japan, Australia, Sweden, and New Zealand.

Quotation Request

Quotation requests can be found on our website. We will return a quotation and answer any questions within 24 to 36 hours. Alternatively you can contact us by telephone. 

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