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Custom Powders Ltd is one of Europe’s leading quality contract powder and granule processing companies.

Through flexibility and innovation combined with over 30 years of experience, we are able to offer process technology for food, industrial, animal health or medical sectors.

While we offer our experience and capability on start up trials. We are not an academic trial house. Our aim is to develop commercially viable products and processes from 10 to 10,000 campaigns, enabling us to maintain longstanding good quality relationships with our valued customers.

The range of processes we offer are too varied to include here. Below we have attempted to give an overview of the broad fields of processing that we deliver.

Custom Powders Group

In 1995 Custom Powder Ltd expanded its already global operation with the addition of a further manufacturing site: 'Custom Powders BV' in The Netherlands and a sales office in Germany.

Quality and Food Standards

We work closely with all of our customers to ensure we achieve their quality expectations every time.

Our minimum standard is ISO 9001:2008. However, we also routinely operate Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) and ISO 22000 (Food Hygiene Standards).

With over 30 years of experience in processing powders for the food industry, food production makes up typically 50% of our business. Isolated process units with dedicated warehouses and stringent controls on cleandown and the materials we process, enables us to deliver high quality and even sensitive food materials for our customers.

We also manufacture our own brand food product, Microfine Salt. This is an ultrafine salt with a range of anticaking agents typically used in:

  • Dairy processing (butter, cheese)
  • Spices, flavours and baking
  • Specialist industrial applications
Quality and Food Standards

Quality Standards

We work closely with all of our customers to ensure we achieve their quality expectations every time.

Our minimum quality standard is ISO 9001:2008. However, we also routinely operate Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) and ISO22000 (Food Hygiene Standards).

Custom Powders Ltd Crewe site is now accredited to FSSC22000 food standard.

Contract Milling and Size Reduction

Our milling technology ranges from coarse breaking and nibbling through to fine air classified milling and ultrafine micronizing and air jet milling.

Within the milling units, we offer specialist processes such as co-milling with additives and cryogenic or inert milling.

Contract Milling and Size Reduction

Air Classified Milling

Custom Powders specialise in air classified co-milling of multi-component formulations using loss in weight technology to achieve accurate dosing of additives frequently to less than 0.5%.

Custom Powders Ltd have recently completed investment in a brand new air classified milling facility increasing the companies milling capacity by in excess of 15,000 tonnes per annum.


Air Classified Milling

Contract Blending/Contract Powder Blending

There are many ways of blending powder and powder with liquid and we offer most of them including:

Contract Blending/Contract Powder Blending

Contract/Toll Compaction

Roll compaction is a method of agglomeration without liquid addition. It offers many benefits including increasing particle size, increasing powder density, improving flow properties, de-dusting and combining powders to prevent segregation.

In addition to seven roll compaction production units, we also offer:

Contract/Toll Compaction

Wet Agglomeration


Batch wet agglomeration is carried out at the UK site. It is based primarily on fluid bed agglomeration on a scale ranging from 200 to 2000 litre batches. However there is also the possibility of wet agglomeration in a batch high shear mixer followed by drying if required in one of the fluid bed units. Both food and industrial products can be processed on these units.


Continuous agglomeration is based at the Dutch site. This can accommodate Schugi Flexomix, Loedige, twin screw extrusion and pelletisation into a continuous process incorporating drying, sieving and oversize reduction. A large proportion of the agglomeration work on these processes is on food grade products.

Wet Agglomeration

Powder Drying

Many wet powders and even pastes can be dried using the continuous flash drying technology, offered at both UK and Dutch sites. This process can handle materials which would not dry in a fluid bed system by virtue of the mechanical agitation applied during drying.

Drying Batch

The Batch fluid bed technology identified above for wet agglomeration is also highly successful at drying both granules and powders. In particular the 2000 litre fluid bed system has proved particularly successful at drying fragile materials e.g. water treatment resin beads and very high value materials where limitation of loss is critical.

Drying Continuous

The continuous fluid bed drier based at the Dutch site is principally designed for drying granules and coarse powders. The design is such that the system will separate fine material, normally discharged as a separate stream.

Powder Drying



With technology ranging from larger scale oscillating or vibratory sieves through to smaller air swept sieves, we offer processes from scalping oversize (1 to 10mm) through to high precision fine sieving (less than 45 microns).

 In addition, when significant volumes of powdered product is to be separated, we offer air classification. This process is capable of splitting even cohesive powders into two streams at a far higher rate than possible with sieving. The disadvantage is the process can only achieve two streams with the cut typically lying between two and 100 microns.

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