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Market leaders in Self Adhesive Labels, Screen Printing, Point of Sale and Direct Branding.

Here at Customark we have been producing bespoke superior quality plain and printed packaging labels, specialist labelling and point of sale products for over 45 years. All Manufactured to the BS EN ISO9001:2008 quality standard.

Plain Labels and Printing Systems

We produce a wide range of blank labels for use on both Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal Label Printing Machines.

All our labels are produced from the highest quality materials from manufacturers such as Avery, 3M and Flexcon. With a vast range of materials to chose from depending on the application or use of the label. We manufacture in paper, vinyl & polyester with a variety of adhesives along with specialised materials all to suit our customers needs. We also have thousands of stock cutters, so the chances are we already have the cuttign tools to suit your label needs.


Specialist Labelling

The UK's leading supplier of Specialist Labels for all Applications !

We offer a variety of specialised labelling products which can be used in a wide range of industry sectors.

These range from "Law Enforcing" items such as WEEE & RoHS to Health & Safety warning labels. Along with PAT testing, Asset Management, Resin Domed Labels and Calibration Labels to name but a few.

Nameplates and Panel Printing

Panel printing and Nameplate Printing is commonly referred to as 'Direct' Printing as the ink layers are applied directly to the surface. It is normally a secondary operation to plastic mouldings and sheet metal forms. Our direct printing processes are Screen Printing, Pad Printing or Digitally Printed. Customark operate a collection and delivery service local to our four sites.

Tested Labels

Customark manufacture a range of high quality tested labels including electrical and appliance safety test labels. Available as a standard Nylon Cloth label or as a Mark and Seal label, adding that extra security with its tamper proof seal.

Our range of tested labels are available in multiple colours and designs. See more on our online shop: 

Mark and Seal Labels

Customark produce a range of standard sized write and seal labels. Designed to prevent data tampering; these labels allow you to write on them before sealing with a protective laminate. 

Resistant to weatherng, tampering as well as many solvents and greases, making them ideal for all your conformance labelling requirements. See more of our write and seal product range at:

Adhesive Metallised `Write on` Labels

These self-adhesive, Aluminium Foil labels offer a desired metallic look, with the ability to directly write on information. The material offers a superior heavy duty label as well as being resistant to weathering, solvents and greases. 

View more of Customarks componant test products on our online shop at:

PAT Test Labels

Customark manufacture a range of high quality, PAT Test Labels, available in multiple colours and designs.

Why use PAT Test Labels?
All equipment that has under gone an inspection / test must be clearly marked; achieved by displaying a PAT Test Label on equipment and plugs.   

We offer all labels that must be displayed including PASS and FAIL with space to add the date, re-test period & date.
This information is designed to enable the equipment to be easily identified to a non-technical user if the equipment is due for a re-test or is not safe for use. For this reason, our products are printed on highly durable material to ensure a reliable long lasting label.

Visit our online shop for more information or to order:

Heavy Duty Lockout Tags

Conform to health and safety regulations with our heavy duty lockout tags; produced in a range of sizes and styles. Our Lockout and Control Tags cover warning such as ‘Do not use’ & ‘Do not operate’.

Perfect for maintenance schedules and marking dangerous equipment, see our full range at:

Asset Marking Labels

Keep track of valuable equipment with asset labels & tags. We offer a range of durable and affordable labels produced from varied materials such as self-adhesive paper, vinyl, polyester, synthetic pp and tamper proof products.  

Standard or bespoke products are available to order online at:

Customark Technical Graphics

Customark have 45 years’ experience in manufacturing a wide range of technical products including membrane keypads, graphic overlays, specialist screen printing and industrial pad printing


Graphic Overlays

Graphic Overlays are a key part of any control system as they are both functional and informative. As this is the first item an operator’s eye is drawn to, an overlay has a big influence on a user’s first impression. Attention to detail, precise colour matching and intuitive graphics are critical factors in creating an effective graphical overlay.

At Customark we have experience manufacturing graphic overlays utilizing both screen and digital print. We also offer a complete design service, see more on the Customark Technical Graphics website. 

In Mould Labelling

In mould labelling provides a diverse alternative to product marking, this technology used to decorate simple plastic products such as packaging containers. The process can be used to follow simple 3D profiles such as display lenses.

We work closely with specialist moulding partners, Hy.Tech Forming Systems which allows us to combine experience and expertise to reduce costs and lead times for bringing projects to market. See more of Customarks technical graphics online at:

Membrane Keypads

Membrane Keypads are produced using a variety of production processes; Customark are quickly gaining a reputation for extremely high quality and cost effective membrane keypads.

We can provide tactile and non-tactile keypads with LED’s and even fibre optic layers for backlighting using materials supplied and certified by suppliers.

Embossed keys are available with the following options: Rim, Pillow or Custom Dome Embossed. All finished keypads conform to our ISO9001:2008 quality system and are 100% electronically tested for functionality and quality prior to dispatch. 

See more on the Customark TG website.

Labels & Nameplates

At Customark we use the Latest Manufacturing Technology enhanced with technical expertise, our key strength is in our scope of supply. Our Customers find an advantage in the range of processes and applications we can offer. Sometimes a combination of various processes and materials will deliver the right result, all manufactured in-house. Very often we laser cut the labels which gives a very fine finish and virtually eliminated the need for costly tooling and introduces greater production efficiency.

The production of labels and nameplates cover all industries from Point of Sale to High Specification and Highly Regulated Medical and Defence applications.

Pad Printing

Pad printing offers an alternate to labelling, this technique is a product marking service by printing a 2D image directly on to a 3D object. The process is done using a silicone pad to transfer the image onto almost any shape surface.

We are able to print on a variety of components and substrates for use in the many sectors such as medical, Telecommunications, Motor and Retail along with Promo products such as ice scrapers and Frisbees/ flyers, which are perfect for promotional give-aways, exhibitions freebies and advertising media.

You can find more information or request a quotation directly via our Customark Technical Graphics website.

Precision Laser Cut Acrylic Components

Customark have the ability to laser cut to a very fine tolerance – this process can be used in the production of labels, signs and graphic overlays. Laser cutting is used to support our Customers in industries such as Electronics, White Goods, Medical, Security, Marine and Point of Sale offering a highly adaptable and flexible cutting process. See more on the Customark TG website.

Direct Screen Printing

We offer a direct screen printing service onto customer supplied panels and chassis. Our depth of experience and knowledge allows us to work to very tight tolerance and high levels of quality and detail. We are also able to produce multicolour panels prints on irregular shapes and can print onto almost any surface. 

Visit Cusomark technical graphics for more info!

Point of Sale Products

We offer a huge range of Point of Sale items to further enhance your Instore Promotions, Advertise your Products and Events or simple lead your Customers to a certain point. This has been achieved through the acquisition and integration of Prestige Labels plus the ongoing investment in new Printing Technologies such as Wide Format Digital and Flat Bed Precision Cutting.


Shelf Wobblers/ Shelf Edge Strips

Help your items stand out from the crowd, with our large range of eye catching designs, our range of POS items will help to draw your customer’s attention to your products at the point of purchase.

Our standard wobblers and shelf edge strips are available in a variety of shapes and sizes; bespoke designs with complex contour cut shapes are also available via quotation. 

Some of our other POS items include: Floor Graphics, Gel Badges, Window Stickers and much more. 

Shelf Edge Strips

Shelf Edge Strips are the perfect item for maximising your products impact when displayed in its retail locations or simply for just identifying its pricing structure. You can view more of our POS / POP Shelf Displays including wobblers online via: 

Floor Stickers & Graphics

Floor Stickers are an affordable, fun and unique way to promote your brand or direct foot traffic. The floor is often over looked as an advertising method, but conventional floor signage is vastly gaining popularity with leading corporations. 

Many of our clients have used our top selling Footprint Floor Stickers as directional signage and our range of Hollywood Star Floor Graphics at events and award ceremonies. All of our products can be customised with your own artwork, text or logos at no extra cost. 

At Customark Ltd we source top materials in order to print high quality attention grabbing floor advertisements. Our products are made from varied vinyl and laminated with a non-slip coating, allowing us to print durable floor graphics with almost any design, for almost every floor type. All of the floor graphics we produce are certified up to an R12 class safety rating, ensuring the maximum level of safety to you and your customers. 

Visit or order online at:

Footprint Floor Stickers / Graphics

Footprint Floor Stickers are ideal for directing foot traffic or promoting your products in a creative style.

Customers can customise any of the floor graphics we have on our website with their own artwork, text or logo. Our Footprint style stickers have been used for a wide range of purposes including directional signage, event decorations and POS signage; in professional establishments such as hospital corridors, colleges, universities, events and parties.

See some of our customer photos in our floor stickers gallery.

Hollywood Star Floor Graphics & Stickers

Unique Hollywood star floor stickers – the perfect decoration for a themed occasion Inc. events, parties, award ceremonies etc.

Customark also offer other floor graphics including customised stickers, footprint, shoe print, seasonal/ event stickers, animal prints & directional arrows

Health & Safety Floor Signage

Customark offer a selection of durable health and safety floor signage, graphics and stickers, ideal for all floor types. Our Floor Graphics are available with up to an R12 Safety Slip Rating and can be customised with your own text or designs. Making them the perfect warning floor signage; particularly popular with manufacturers.

Customark Ltd also offer a range of other safety products ideal for factories and businesses including: Hazard Warning Labels, Asset Labels, CTL products.

Design your own floor graphic

A NEW Design Your Own Floor Sticker Service Has Been Added To Our Floor Stickers Webste. We are able to produce any design for every floor type. Tell us what you require and we will send you a free online quotation. 

Health & Safety Floor Graphics

Durable Health and Safety Floor Stickers are ideal for all floor types; the Customark safety floor sign range includes; caution, warning, hazard prevention, watch your step & anti-slip designs, all available with up to an R12 non-slip safety rating, making them ideal for factories, hospitals and exit routes.

Safety Labels are also available from Customak Ltd.

Window Stickers

Window stickers and decals are a great way to promote and advertise your company, brand, club & website in shop windows and vehicles. With our high quality digital printers and UV Flexo we can offer any quantity and size you require.


Gel Badges / Domed Labels

Domed labels provide a low cost, high quality enhancement of your brand identity; our 3D polydomed badges will help to turn your lifeless 2D labels into a quality branding tool.

Clear resin is applied to printed graphics to give them a highly visible 3D look, which in turn makes them hard wearing and weather proof. Our Gel Badges are ideal for all sorts of applications such as logo plates, decorative emblems, inserts and POS display badges. 

See more of our domed gel labels in our gallery.

Rectangle Resin Dome Labels

Rectangle Resin Dome Labels - Printed up to Full Colour with your own Design. Supplied on sheets with 50 Polydome Labels per Pack. Polydomed Label is made from White Vinyl with Clear Resin Overlay and supplied as standard with Permanent Adhesive. Our Rectangle prices start from 32p per label; these Gel Stickers are also available in Circle, Square or Oval Shapes. 

Circle Resin Dome Labels

Our Circle shaped resin domed label and stickers provide a low cost, high quality enhancement of your brand identity; our 3D polydomed badges will help to turn your lifeless 2D labels into a quality branding tool.

Prices for circle gel stickers start from 55p per label, also available in square, oval, rectangle or bespoke shapes. 

Square Gel Stickers

From branding display products or equipment to raising the profile of your company branding, these stickers have been used on products including: Cosmetics, electrical items, computers, alcoholic beverages, clothing, promotional giveaways and much more. Square Resin Dome Labels are printed up to Full Colour any Design and supplied on sheets with 50 Polydome Labels per pack; made from White Vinyl with Clear Resin Overlay and supplied as standard with Permanent Adhesive.

Customark can produce any shape/ size gel labels, to see more visit:

Oval Resin Domed Sticker

Oval Resin domed 3D labels/ stickers are ideal for enhancing your brand or products; with a high quality appearance they can be used for a variety of reasons, while adding value to your product, in a cost effective way. 

Also available in other shapes including: Square, Circle and Customised Shape Dome Labels.

Customised Resin Dome Labels

Turn your lifeless 2D labels into a quality 3D branding tool with our special custom shaped gel stickers

We are able to produce special shape/ bespoke domed labels; with experience producing a range of complex shaped gel badges for a range of industry sectors including the computer and cosmetics market.

See more of our products or order directly today at:

Promotional Branded Products

Custom Branded Promotional Items perfect as Corporate Gifts and Giveaways

Promotional Products are an ideal marketing tool to promote your Business and Company Message. They are great to use for Exhibitions, Product Launches and Events as a lasting way of a client keeping your details. One of our most popular products being our custom branded promotional Frisbees which can be printed upto full colour on a variety of base colours.


Promotional Frisbees

Promotional Frisbees offer a fun and unique self-promotional product; ideal as a give-away freebie, particularly in the summer months at fairs and exhibitions.

Our Frisbees can have any text/ design/ logos printed on them and are available in a range of colours and sizes. See more or directly order online at:

Customark also offer a range of other promotional branded products

Promotional Boomerangs

Printed boomerangs are a simple and effective promotional item, perfect for marketing give-aways. 

Through the Pad/ Tampo printing process we are able to print text & logos onto multiple products, see more at:

Promotional Ice Scrapers

We Pad / Tampo Print a range of Ice Scrapers in a mixture of colours. These simple but effective Winter Promotional Items are perfect for Marketing & Give-aways.  

See more of our promotional printed product range.

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