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CVMS °Climatic is at the forefront of the design, build and supply of Environmental Test Equipment from standard Climatic Test Chambers to large-scale Walk-in or Drive-in Environmental Test Facilities. As well as controlling temperature and humidity in the test space, we also offer a wide range of products that simulate other environmental effects such as Low Pressure (Altitude), Solar Radiation, Rainfall, Sand, Dust, Pollution and Corrosive atmospheres.

Environmental Testing ensures and verifies the robustness and reliability of manufactured products, materials or devices. Industries such as Aerospace, Automotive, Pharmaceuticals, Electronics, Construction and many others have been carrying out environmental test programmes for many years and the quality and safety of finished goods has never been as high as it is today. 

Whether your need is for a simple bench-top test chamber or a bespoke facility to test your products, we offer our expertise in the design, manufacture and supply of all types of environmental test systems, including combined testing, where more than one environmental effect is required such as vibration and temperature cycling.

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  1. Ozone Ageing Test Chambers

    Ozone Ageing Test Chambers

    CVMS °Climatic produces 4 standard sizes of ozone test chamber. These chambers have been designed primarily to test rubber samples and products for resistance to ageing (antioxidant protection effect) when exposed to ozone. The tests are part of the process of gauging and improving a rubber product's service life and improving safety. 

    For further information on Ozone Test Chambers, please contact us on +44 (0)1525 385500 or

  2. Rain Test Chambers

    Rain Test Chambers

    CVMS °Climatic produces 4 standard sizes of Rain Test Chamber. They have been designed to test performance of many items and products such as storage and transportation containers, electrical items, electrical cabinets, lighting systems, telecoms devices, automotive components etc that are subject to outdoor environments.

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  3. Thermal Shock Test Chambers

    Thermal Shock Test Chambers

    CVMS °Climatic produces a 2-zone and a 3-zone Thermal Shock Chamber. The conventional 2-zone comprises a hot and a cold chamber with the test item moving between the two by way of a mechanical lift. The 3-zone has the test item in a central 'ambient' chamber with the hot and cold air generated and stored in adjacent chambers. At the appropriate time the hot (or cold) air is directed into the ambient zone sequentially according to the programme thus providing the thermal shock.

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