Cycle-Works Ltd.


Formed back in 1996 Cycle-Works set out to provide customers with quality cycling equipment and innovative products; aiming to promote cycling and its benefits as well as encouraging commuting to work differently to the typical car or bus.

Bicycle Parking

Like parking your car in a garage you need to provide your bicycle a safe place when you're not using it. Our simple and well-designed wall mounts are perfect as these will securely and safely hold your bike to provide more security and open up more space.

Bike Lockers

Secure and space efficient bike lockers are perfect for large organisations, schools, colleges and universities as they provide cyclists with security over their bicycles whilst at work or studying meaning they can concentrate without the worry of a worst case scenario. Fitted to the wall or free standing they offer no metal-to-metal contact with any bikes and a padlocked door to keep you transport safe.

Cycle Shelters

For a different type of security our Solent Shelters are brilliant as they protect your bikes from intruders with the use of a padlocked gate and also from some elements as it has 5mm plastic on three sides. Available in different sizes to hold a larger amount of bikes it is perfect for businesses and schools.

Cycle Racks

Cycle-Works provides a wide range of bike racks and stands.

The Lock2Me rack is a stylish and elegant rack that complements traditional and contemporary surroundings alike.
It can be delivered in a variety of finishes and mounting options and holds the bike well.

Vertical parking can be on a simple metal framework that gives an alternative to the wall mounted bike racks as it is not drilled or fixed into the wall so leaves your buildings hole-free. The sturdy metal racks will hold your bike vertically and has an optional security bar

Bike Rack 2 or 3 Tier

Cycle-Works are proud to introduce our new 3 tier bike rack which is a variation of the previous two tier model that provides another parking space for your bicycle above the two tier option. It can be intergrated with the two tier rack or used individually and like its predecessor it was designed to maximise bicycle parking for cyclists. Run using a patented gas cyclinder it incurs no direct running costs and does not require electricity.

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