D-Celtech UK (Distributor of Weforma Shock Absorber Buffers)

We supply an extensive range of industrial shock absorbers. These industrial shock absorbers include adjustable and self-compensating models.

The industrial shock absorbers we supply also come with other enhanced features such as:

  • The choice of three Stop Cap materials
  • QPQ coated corrosion resistant body
  • Interchangeable threaded options
  • Stainless steel and plastic versions available

Heavy Duty Shock Absorbers

We supply a wide range of heavy duty shock absorbers.

Our heavy duty shock absorbers are particularly useful in accommodating the increase in kinetic energy in production cranes and automated stacker crane warehouse systems.

Our heavy duty shock absorbers include:

  • Deceleration characteristics to customer specifications
  • Marine and bellows protection options
  • High-energy absorption
  • A range of elastomer crane buffers available
Heavy Duty Shock Absorbers

Air Spring Bellows

Within our vast product range, we have a wide variety of air spring bellows. Our air spring bellows are particularly versatile as the ideal product for vibration isolation and a good alternative to pneumatic cylinders.

Further features include:

  • Single/double/triple convolution models
  • Rolling lobe and sleeve type options
  • Stainless steel and high temp versions
Air Spring Bellows

Crane Buffer Dampers

We have a wide range of crane buffer dampers and elastomer springs available for use in end-positioning damping of crane systems and crane trolleys. Many shock isolation applications can be catered for with our crane buffer dampers.

We offer:

  • Cellular PUR construction
  • Overrun buffers for elevators, limit stops
  • Vibration isolation, equipment support
Crane Buffer Dampers

Special Shock Absorbers

We supply special shock absorbers for many different applications such as shock absorbers designed for the glass moulding and blowing industry.

We also supply special shock absorbers including the pallet systems shock absorber and i-Mega-Line shock absorbers.

Special Shock Absorbers

Deceleration Damping Control

We have an extensive range of deceleration damping control products used in the control of lid and gate closures as well as for door damping, rotary damping and machine feed rate control.

Our deceleration damping control products include:

  • Speed rate controls
  • Rotary dampers
  • Door dampers
  • Adjustable deceleration cylinders
Deceleration Damping Control

Gas Springs

We have a comprehensive range of low friction gas springs for door, lid or gate opening and closure systems.

Our gas springs include lockable, adjustable and refillable options as well as having stainless steel bodies and traction options. 

Gas Springs

Component Transfer Systems

We have a large range of component transfer systems for use in parts handling and the transfer of components.

Our component transfer systems include pallet stoppers, pallet shock absorbers, anti-bounce stoppers, positioning cylinders, escapements and angular grippers.

Component Transfer Systems

Vibration Isolation

We can offer various solutions for vibration isolation in the form of metal cushions. They are ideal for vibration isolation and can optimise oscillation isolation and reduce noise.

Our vibration isolation products include:

  • Elastomer springs
  • Metal cushions
  • Air springs
Vibration Isolation

Shock Absorbers for Elevators

We have a range of ADS shock absorbers for elevators and they are an integral safety component of passenger lifts and freight lifts.

Our shock absorbers for elevators conform to the lift directive 95/16/EG: EN81-1/2.

Shock Absorbers for Elevators

D-Celtech UK (Distributor of Weforma Shock Absorber Buffers) Overview