D R Baling Wire Manufacturers Ltd

D R Baling Wire Manufacturers Ltd has been a leading UK manufacturer of quality baling wire for more than 50 years! Our wide range includes cut and looped baling, galvanised and black annealed wire, black annealed wire rewound coils, black annealed wire and galvanised wire formers, tie wire for rebar and cut bars, amongst other solutions.

All our products are tailored to our clients' needs and manufactured under the ISO 9001 standards; on top of that D R Baling is an ISO 14001 Environmental Management System accredited company! We can manufacture the right wire, tailor it to your needs and distribute your order, whether it’s large or small, within 24 hours, packaged to your own requirements, anywhere in the UK or Ireland. 

Here at D R Baling we source only the highest quality steel in order to produce a flawless, high tensile wire product. Our experience supplying many major waste and recycling companies through the years, along with our commitment to constantly invest in innovative equipment and sophisticated production processes, are guarantees that we will always stay ahead of the competition and offer quality wire and innovative solutions to our clients.

For more information, please visit our website: http://www.drbalingwire.co.uk/.

D R Baling Wire Manufacturers Ltd Overview