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Here at D-TACQ Solutions, we specialise in simultaneous data acquisition boards and systems. Our simultaneous data acquisition solutions are suitable for characteristics including: 

  • Top quality analog signal conversion
  • True simultaneous sampling with ADC per channel architecture
  • Simultaneous capture over large numbers of channels
  • High throughput and scaleability
  • True open system architecture
  • May need to operate autonomously
  • May need user specific field customisation

Intelligent Digitizer

We provide intelligent digitizer solutions including a variety of ADC devices with one converter per channel. Our intelligent digitizer cards are cost effective and have advantages including:

  • Simultaneous sampling - all convertors sample the data on the same clock edge
  • Higher throughput
  • Inherently better crosstalk
  • Suitable for low latency control applications
  • On-board microprocessor
  • Deep DRAM memory buffer
  • State of the art FPGA device
  • High level network interface means easy system integration
  • Flexibility to tailor operating mode to user requirement.
Intelligent Digitizer


Our compactPCI includes both cost-effective PCI bus technology and conventional Eurocard form factor to provide high performance data acquisition. Our compactPCI is suitable for rugged and high I/O count systems. They feature external clocks, trigger ports and clear status LEDs.


Networked Digitizer

We supply networked digitizers suitable for plugging directly into the plant Ethernet. Our networked digitizers have features including:

  • Lowest cost deployment, self supporting unit needs only a chassis and network cable
  • Cost effective for "small" systems with a single card
    With ACQ196CPCI, a "small" system has 32 .. 96 channels
  • Uses standard TCP/IP networking
  • Control from remote computer, simple, open standards, "no device driver required"
  • Data upload to remote computer, multiple methods available
    The remote computer is typically a server-class PC with a high performance disk sub-system
  • Highly scaleable - simply add more cards and more network cards, at upload time, all the cards can work in parallel
Networked Digitizer

Web Based System Monitoring

We provide advanced web based system monitoring. Our web based system monitoring includes:

  • Easily monitor multiple networked client digitizers using Multimon
  • Monitor system status from a web browser on any client computer
  • Multimon requires only a local webserver to run
  • No plugin required on browser
  • Stylesheet based design - user-customisable format
  • Additional clients load the web server, not the digitizer
  • Recommended deployment use a private network for the ACQ cards, use ssh to guard access to web server
Web Based System Monitoring

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