Dajin Precision

Dajin Precision (dajinprecision.com) is an experienced CNC machining services China supplier that specialized in CNC turned parts and components manufacturing and offering, with affordable prices and guaranteed quality. A variety of products we can supply covering simple small CNC parts to complex custom accessories, which applied in the aerospace, airplane, electronics, automotive, medical, agricultural, architectural, chemical, pharmaceutical, dental, food processing, machine tool, injection molding, marine, military, hunting, fishing, and more industries. Materials can be processed including metal brass, bronze, steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, alloy, plastic, etc.  


We have owned 3 products lines and advanced CNC turning center and more professional equipment and staff for producing high precision CNC metal parts, printer shaft, fastener series, auto parts, automatic lathe parts, etc. We have automatic lathes machines, CNC turning machines, grinding machines, and many other CNC equipment imported from Japan and Taiwan for CNC turning lathe services. As the top precision CNC machining parts exporter in the marketplace, we are enabled to offer you the best service! We expand and contract to support your needs.

Dajin Precision Overview