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The combined heat and power (CHP) plants provides heat, electricity and cooling, sourcing from a single fuel with more than double efficiency as a conventional power stations. Combine heat and power (CHP) gives you a saving of money and reduces carbon footprint and emissions.

Dalkia provides the best CHP applications advice and practical implementation on your site. For arrange of application we utilise biogas and biomass supplies.

Some of our solutions:

  • Site by-product or wood biomass fired solutions
  • Packaged units available for rapid deployment
  • Sustom designed and site installed solutions

CHP Systems

Our CHP Systems deliver energy efficiency to a wide range of systems:

Residential and campus environments - Standard residential applications from small to large developments, hotels, large social housing developments

Industry and manufacturing - Using Dalkia CHP systems gives stable electricity supply also generating heat for manufacturing and industrial processes.

Commercial Biomass Boilers

One of our goals is to provide long term sustainable renewable energy solutions and commercial biomass boilers.

To keep our biomass energy schemes running we have dedicated processing, wood supply and logistics operation running from a range of locations throughout the UK. Sorting and processing old wood in to pellets or wood chips.

Taking old wood and sorting and processing in to pellets or wood chips.

Talk to our experts if you have used wood and want to dispose of it in the renewable way.

Wood Recycling

We provide environmentally friendly, cost effective service for wood recycling. We can offer environmental and legislation practise advise on request as well as schemes on wood recycling to match our clients specific needs.

Wood Pellet Fuel

Many organisations are turning to biomass fuel for heating due to the pressure of meeting the CO2 reduction targets. Our wood pellets are manufactured to meet the European standards under quality control systems.

Our wood pellets are produced from life expired discarded crates, pallets and construction off cuts, we guarantee the legal and sustainable source as they are all traceable.

District Heating Schemes and Community Energy

District heating in the UK is an important factor in achieving environmental commitments and is a step closer to level 6 in the code for obtainable housing.

Our district heating solutions delivers the best energy efficiency to their environment. The district heating supplies centralised heat / electricity and cooling which could be CHP based.

Applications include

  • Housing
  • Business parks
  • Campus
  • Hospital sites

Construction of Energy Plant

It takes specialist skills to design and project manage the construction of energy plant.

We have over 40 years experience in construction, design and installation of energy plant. We use our experience to refurbish and replace different types of energy plants on site.

We design our systems to meet our customer's energy needs, with investment and running costs in mind. We can ensure your install and seamlessly supplies are not disrupted and all new energy plants is at high optimum performance.

Energy Management

Our energy management chain begins from processing or procuring the energy such as:

  • Gas
  • Biomass
  • Biogas and transforming
  • Electricity

Transforming into utilities like, hot water, steam, chilled water, on site electricity generation and compressed air. We can design a solution to reduce the reliance of fossil fuel usage.


  • Christian Salvesen
  • HJ Heinz

Emissions Trading

We was one of the first companies to be a key consultant in the energy management scheme. With this experience we offer a range of carbon trading services, with the commitment of carbon reduction and EU ETS. 

Environmental Compliance

We offer a wide range of services of environmental compliance, for example:

We can maintain your site assets with lowered emissions and cost saving.

Green Energy

We source energy for our clients from renewable resources also installing green energy systems; we contribute to environmental drive for low carbon economy, supporting also emergent low carbon technologies giving the UK a lead in green energy.

To help our clients hit their environmental goals and reducing their CO2emissions we use the wider use of green energy.

From a variation of suppliers we arrange green energy supply contracts direct. We can also implement and design green technologies like biogas/biomass combined power and heat.

High Voltage Management

We have our own dedicated high voltage teams who maintain and upgrade the high voltage distribution and switching systems, which maintains electricity supply reliability. We keep the systems optimised and maintained so you the client can benefit from uninterrupted supplies.

Improvement of Downstream Energy and Utilities Plant

The first aspect of the energy delivery chain is converting fuels into usable energy. We also provide a downstream energy management service to maximise our customer's savings. This service will identify where the energy is being used on site, and also offers the recommendations of programming and plant upgrade measures to reduce energy use.

Site Utilities

Utilities that feed processes need to be looked after as a matter of essential maintenance, which maintains quality and output. 

We can deliver a range of site utilities, for example:

  • Steam
  • Hot water
  • Heat
  • Chilled water
  • Compressed air

More of our site utilities: Electricity, standby generation, industrial, medical gases, thermal fluids, air handling and borehole water.

Merchant Power Generation

We are committed to sustainable and renewable energy provisions. We have set up a integrated system to collect used and recycled wood which can then go on to be recycled as a carbon neutral fuel.

The merchant power schemes supply carbon neutral electricity and have the potential of delivering heat at a low cost to heating schemes.

Plant Maintenance Standby Generation

We provide our customers with a range of expertise in equipment maintenance and non process plant to support production and reduce costs.

We utilises a professional approach which adds value within the mechanical and electrical maintenance service. The management of computer based planned preventative maintenance (ppm) is a major factor of our approach.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies

The loss of data or interruption of important processes can have a major impact on your business, so protecting your businesses from this is vital. Dalkia currently manages over 1,233 MW capacities of standby and un-interruptible electricity and can operate, install and maintain systems, giving your company a safety net with any power cuts. Uninterruptible power supplies will give needed protection to the running of your business.

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