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Dan Packaging offers a broad selection of heat sealers, bubble wrap and stretch film for a range of applications. We also offer shrink wrap machinery from Minipack Torre, shrink wrap films for Darnel, and strapping and banding machines. Dan Packaging also has a selection of heat sealer replacements and consumables to care not only for your packaging needs, but also to tend to your shrink wrapping equipment.

Our ranges of shrink wrap films manufactured from PVC and polyolefin and are shrink wrap machines are available in stainless steel options ideal for food use. 

Sealers and Wrappers

We have a diverse range of sealers and wrappers and can advise you on finding the correct machine for your process and shrink wrapping requirements.

Our sealers and wrappers and our shrink wrap machines are supplied from Minipack Torre because they have an outstanding reputation for quality and reliability. We have a close relationship with a factory in Bergamo, Italy. We make yearly visits to receive the latest developments in shrink wrapping and shrink wrap film technologies.

Shrink Films/Bakery/Lay Flat Tube/Mailing Films

We provide a wide range of shrink wrap/bakery/lay flat tube/mailing films produced from polyolefin and PVC. Our shrink wrap for bakery applications are available in a range of thicknesses and safe for use on food.

All our shrink wrap/baker/lay flat tube/mailing films are supplied on a standard core to enable it to be used in conjunction with automatic and semi-automatic sealers. Mailing films are manufactured from a virgin material with high slip properties to ensure an ultra smooth running through sealers.

Hand Strapping And Banding

Our hand strapping and banding is manufactured from polypropylene and works as effective and economic strapping for pallets and parcels.

Hand strapping and banding can be printed with logos or texts and our light, non-rusting strapping tape keeps products secure. Our hand strapping and banding is wound on plastic spools for easy use.

Semi Automatic Strapping Machines

Semi automatic strapping machines allow operators to seal, cut and automatically tension strapping to provide secure fastening to any sized box.

Our superior semi automatic strapping machines have adjustable strap tensioning to accommodate a range of boxes and to prevent strap damaging soft boxes.

Packaging Stations And Benches

Our packaging solutions and benches can be tailored to utilise your storage and working space. Our packaging stations and benches are produced with heavy duty work tops and edge laminate surfaces.

Table heights are fully adjustable from 70 to 92 cm and modular designs allow for easy layout changes and options to enhance your packaging operations.

Cardboard Shredders

Our cardboard shredders let your business recycle, protect the environment and save money. Where you would have spent money on compacting or dumping old cartons, our cardboard shredders allow recycled waste to be deposited into a usable void-fill.

Our cardboard shredders are available to produce matting and 4mm wide strips for negligible cost.

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