Dandy Fans


We have over 40 years’ experience in manufacturing premium quality fan impellers, using only top CR4 steel or 304 stainless steel. Our hard earned manufacturing reputation has been gained over many decades, and is therefore highly important to us.

Steel Impellers

Dandy Fan’s steel impellers are suitable for;

Reputable Steel Impeller Manufacturer

At Dandy Fans, we manufacture multi-vane steel fan impellers, suitable for any air movement trades, and we can supply both single and double inlets and DIDW (double width) impellers along with an extensive product range of taperlock fittings.

Bespoke Fan Impellers

We are proud to say we can supply a full range of fan impellers of any diameter to suit your needs, from 130mm up to as large as 1000mm. They can be supplied in single or double inlets, DIDW double width, or any other width you require. Please contact us to speak to one of the team about your specific requirements.

Fan Spares

At Dandy Fans, we also supply you with a whole array of different Fan Spares. To find out about our full product range of Fan Spares, please contact us on 0121 553 7739.

Blower Spares

Not only do we supply fan spares, but we also can supply a full range of Blower Spares. To find out more about our Blower Spares, please call us on 0121 553 7739.

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