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Throughout UK and the rest of Europe we are market leaders in the Pet Product industry. From toys to beds we offer a variety of products perfect for the household and beyond.

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  1. Bobble Range

    Bobble Range
    Our sumptuous and stylish cable knit range is perfect for those snug evenings. Available in two cosy designs; Soft Pewter and Snug Damson, both in Sherpa fleece and faux suede fabrics. Available in:- Deluxe Slumber Beds 45cm – 18” 61cm – 24” 76cm – 30” 89cm – 35” 101cm – 40” Deep Duvets Medium 71 x 98cm Large 87 x 138cm Luxury Quilted Mattresses 45cm – 18” 76cm – 30” 53cm – 21” 84cm – 33” 61cm – 24” 89cm – 35” 68cm – 27” 101cm – 40”
  2. Boot Bed

    Boot Bed
    The Danish Design Boot Bed is perfect for protecting your car boot whilst out and about or on your travels. When not being used in the car, it easily becomes a great practical bed which can be used outdoors or in the home. • Heavy duty waterproof fabric • Removable car bumper protector, with easy fit Velcro fastening • Soft padded base for extra comfort • Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth • Two sizes, to fit most cars • Danish Design paw print badge Available in two sizes:- Boot Bed 80 x 60 x 17cm 100 x 78 x 21cm
  3. Cage Mattresses

    Cage Mattresses
    Danish Design cage mattresses are available in five sizes to fit most standard cages and provide practical, yet comfortable bedding. Sherpa Fleece Navy (100% Polyester), Newton Moss (100% Polyester), Woodland Stag (100% Cotton), County Waterproof (PU Coated). The Cage Mattress range is available in:- 46 x 61cm 53 x 76cm 60 x 91cm 70 x 105cm 75 x 121cm
  4. Car Seat Cover

    Car Seat Cover
    Universal fitting, durable waterproof fabric that is sponge dry. Seat belt anchor point access slots protects upholstery from pet hair. Available in: Navy or Charcoal Grey, Size: 140 x 115cm
  5. County Range

    County Range
    The County range is a truly practical solution for people with active or working dogs. The County duvets are easy clean products that make life a breeze when muddy paws strike! Simply wipe the duvets clean with a damp cloth. Great beds for the kitchen or the car. New improved features include, dual waterproof coating and heavier duty hard wearing fabric. Available in:- Deep Duvets Medium – 90 x 68 x 3cm Large – 130 x 83 x 3cm Standard Duvets Medium – 90 x 68 x 3cm Large – 130 x 83 x 3cm Cage Mattresses 46 x 61cm 53 x 76cm 60 x 91cm 70 x 105cm 75 x 121cm
  6. Kumfy Kradle Radiator Beds

    Kumfy Kradle Radiator Beds
    The Kumfy Kradle is a radiator bed for cats and is a warm and cosy place for a cat to relax. Available in soft Sherpa fleece fabric overlaid with the Danish Design paw print motif and faux fur leopard print. Available in two sizes to fit standard or double household radiators. The cover is fully washable.
  7. My First Bed

    My First Bed
    A soft round bed in Sherpa Fleece fabric specifically designed with puppies in mind. ‘My First Bed’ features a host of special features. For ease of washing, the Sherpa Fleece cover is fully removable. The unique comfort ring will give an added feeling of security and as the puppy grows larger, it can be removed to increase the bed area. Heat pad facility Underneath the inner cushion of ‘My First Bed’ is a pouch to take a standard size Heat Pad* for extra warmth in cold surroundings. Waterproof cushion base The base of the ‘My First Bed’ inner cushion is constructed of heavy duty waterproof nylon for protection against those little mishaps. The cushion is fully washable. ‘Tick-tock’ pocket A unique feature of ‘My First Bed’. A handy pocket attached to the side which can be used to put a ticking clock* inside. The ‘ticking’ mimics the heartbeat of the puppies mother and helps to reassure your puppy. This pocket can also be used for storing a favourite toy! Comfort ring ‘My First Bed’s’ unique Comfort Ring is a soft ring of fibre filled Sherpa Fleece. When your puppy is small the Comfort Ring will give an added feeling of security. As your puppy grows, the ring can be removed to increase the bed area. Fully washable. *Heat Pad not included – available from leading high street chemists. *Clock not included.
  8. Newton Range

    Newton Range
    The Newton range is available in two fantastic colour-ways, Moss, with subtle hues of green, beige and red and Truffle, with rich browns, both in hard wearing fabric. With stylish stags head feature leather badge, this range will bring style to any home. Available in:- Snuggle Beds 45cm – 18” 61cm – 23” 68cm – 28” 89cm – 34” Box Duvets Medium 88 x 67 x 12cm Large 125 x 79 x 12cm Slumber Beds 45cm – 18” 76cm – 30” 53cm – 21” 89cm – 35” 61cm – 24” 101cm – 40” 68cm – 27” Luxury Quilted Mattresses 45cm – 18” 76cm – 30” 53cm – 21” 84cm – 33” 61cm – 24” 89cm – 35” 68cm – 27” 101cm – 40” Throws Small 61 x 74cm Medium 74 x 125cm Large 124 x 149cm Cage Mattresses (Moss only) 46 x 61cm 53 x 76cm 60 x 91cm 70 x 105cm 75 x 121cm Spare covers are available for all duvets.
  9. The Ultimate 2 in 1 Dog Coat

    The Ultimate 2 in 1 Dog Coat

    Unique to Danish Design, the 2-in-1 Dog Coat is the first convertible for dogs! With its removable Polar Fleece liner, this coat is superb for both the winter and warmer months. For winter warmth, attach the Polar Fleece liner to the coat with the easifit velcro strips. When it’s warmer, remove the fleece and the coat converts to a light raincoat. •Full chest protection •Removable fleece inner lining •Thermal comfort •Waterproof •Windproof •Breathable •Machine washable •Light reflective beading and fastening strap Available in: Black, Grey, Orange, Blue, Khaki, Purple and the award winning Hi-Vis. Available in sizes: 25cm/10" 30cm/12" 35cm/14" 40cm/16" 45cm/18" 50cm/20" 55cm/22" 60cm/24" 65cm/26" 70cm/28" 75cm/30"

  10. Vet Fleece

    Vet Fleece
    The Danish Design range of vet fleece features the iconic Danish Design paw print motif and made in a luxurious thickness, offers simple but comfortable bedding for pets. With a latex non-slip backing, this polyester fleece wicks away moisture, keeping pets warm and dry. Available in one size (other sizes available on request): 75 x 100cm.