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Ever since we were formed in 1964 to supply mechanical sweeper brushes, our services and product range has expanded substantially. We specialise in road sweeping brushes and a variety of other related products.

We are now concentrating on our core business: producing and marketing road sweeping brushes along with manufacturing technical brushes for all industries. We are currently represented in the following geographical markets in the UK, Europe, USA, Asia and the Middle East.       

Road Brushes

As part of our extensive services and market leading product range, we supply many varying and high quality options in road brushes. Our supply of road brushes is from the most renowned brands and all requirements are catered for.

They include:

Road Brushes

Road Sweeping Products

In addition to our range of brushes, we supply a wide variety of road sweeping products to cover all areas of application. We also support the servicing, maintenance and refurbishment of sweeping machines.

Road sweeping products and applications we supply include:

  • Mechanical road sweepers
  • Snow removal
  • Weed removal
  • Airport runway sweepers
  • Pedestrian area sweepers

We also supply high quality brushes for industry often referred to as 'Technical' or 'Power' brushes. Typical applications include deburring, descaling, metal finishing and polishing and honing.

Road Sweeping Products

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