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We supply photopolymer flexo plate technology. We have a wide variety of types and sizes and built to the highest quality. These plates are easy to use and offer ink transfer with lower ink use and longer consistent press runs.

Our photopolymer flexo plate technology is a much greener alternative. Our plates are processed without using harsh chemicals and our AQF range of processors ensures the quickest wash times.

Plate Processing

We are a specialist manufacturer of water wash plate processing equipment and our AQF range has been specifically designed to be used with Torerelief and Aquaflex plates.

Our plate processing equipment uses water wash and waste filtration methods. Our plate processing equipment has the fastest wash times and offer superior ink transfer, long press life and the highest quality possible.

Plate Processing

Digital Solutions

Our digital solutions meet the requirements of many types of label printing and packaging processes, digital imaging and software for graphic design, pre-production, communication, and management phases of the pre-press process.

Our digital solutions include EskoArtwork Digital Flexo and Letterpress plate imaging systems (Spark CTP) with Esko workflow fully integrated.

Photopolymer Plates

Our photopolymer plates are made in many sizes and types and to the highest standards possible. Our photopolymer plates are easy and simple to make and are easy to use.

The photopolymer plates offer superior ink transfer with a lower ink use and will give longer press runs and also greener credentials.

Photopolymer Plates


We offer solvent-free answers for many flexo applications. Our plates give consistent results, better resolution, deeper reverses and brilliant ink transfer.

Our quality flexo solutions as well as our CTP devices, in-line processing and software solutions make plate production simple, quicker and cleaner. Our plates are compatible with water-based, solvent-based, and UV inks that are available in analogue and digital formats. 


We are renowned across the world as being able to offer a high-quality service to letterpress printers. Our water-wash plate range is available in both analogue and digital formats.

The service to the letterpress printers includes consistent results, wide latitude, finer resolutions, deep reverses, durability and ink transfer.

Our CTP devices and total water loss plate processing equipment makes plate production easy. If you combine this with the latest software and workflow solutions, you will receive quick, clean, trouble free solutions to your production requirements.


Pressroom Solutions

We can provide the right pressroom solutions you are looking for to support your plate production and provide excellent quality results.

Our pressroom solutions include:

  • The right anilox rolls as well as cell measurement and inspection technology
  • Optimise your pre-press quality control via devices for flexo printers, label printers and trade houses
  • Performance plate mounting tapes for flexographic plate mounting and letterpress applications
  • Quality check of film / LAMs, plates and print quickly and efficiently
Pressroom Solutions

Quality Control Tools

We have cost-effective quality control tools to provide the solution for you to maintain a level of quality and performance that you expect.

Our quality control tools will help you identify your plate print issues before they make impact on your production.

Quality Control Tools

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