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As official KTR coupling distributors, we have a large amount of coupling stock available for same day dispatch.
As well as the full KTR range, including the GEARex® couplings, we also stock many other brand names such as Rexnord couplings, Renold couplings, Autogard couplings & Torque limiters, Mayr couplings, Altra / Bibby couplings and many more. Danum Couplings strive to give the best customer service to all our customers. As a “Coupling Centre”
we will always offer the best solution to your coupling requirements.

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  1. Bellows

    The characteristics of the bellows coupling can be modified by varying the number and spacing of convolutions. This type of coupling has high torsional stiffness and may be used in any drive system where high levels of torsional integrity are essential.