Danum Couplings Ltd

As official KTR coupling distributors, we have a large amount of coupling stock available for same day dispatch.
As well as the full KTR range, including the GEARex® couplings, we also stock many other brand names such as Rexnord couplings, Renold couplings, Autogard couplings & Torque limiters, Mayr couplings, Altra / Bibby couplings and many more. Danum Couplings strive to give the best customer service to all our customers. As a “Coupling Centre”
we will always offer the best solution to your coupling requirements.

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  1. Crown Pin Coupling

    Crown Pin Coupling
    An established pin/buffer coupling offering extended power capacity; its long life and simplicity of construction make it suitable for work in the most arduous conditions.