Data Acquisition and Testing Services Ltd


Data Acquisition & Testing Services Limited is an industry specialist in engineering test and measurement solutions.  We provide data acquisition, test and measurement, instrumentation, analysis and consultancy services across a wide spectrum of industries, from aerospace to textiles. Our office is based near Derby with field engineers located around the country. We are able to offer our services outside the UK and are happy to work almost anywhere around the world.

Data Acquisition

Using digital test and measurement techniques, we use transducers and sensors to measure physical quantities such as strain, stress, temperature, pressure, displacement, relative humidity, light, noise, resistance, current, power, speed, vibration etc.  We can collect raw unprocessed measurement data or process and analyze it to meet industry or your specifications. Further to this we can provide independent reports and recommend engineering solutions.

Strain Gauges and Data Loggers

Fitting of sensors and data acquisition equipment can be carried out at a customer’s site or at our facilities, from bonding a single strain gauge to data logging thousands of measurement channels. Our digital data loggers can provide multiple simultaneous measurements. Testing and data collection can take place with a D.A.T.S. engineer in attendance, or in an unattended manner. We specialise in all static and dynamic testing, particularly mobile data collection for railway and automotive applications. Collection of vehicle CAN bus data & GPS is also available.

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