Data Bubble Consultancy Ltd

Do you sometimes struggle to get new customers? 

Do you wish you had list of your ideal customers to contact? 

If so Data Bubble can help you .. call me on 01274 483936

I am an honest independent data broker who provides accurate and targeted Direct Marketing lists that help you gain new customers.. 

Data Bubble provides prospect list for 
Direct Mailing
Email & SMS Broadcasting... 

Whether its Business or Consumer, UK or International I can help you. 

I save you time & money providing the right marketing list / data that delivers results.

Data Bubble provides accurate and targeted marketing lists that help clients to get new customers by taking the time to tailor the lists to your specification ensuring get the maximum return on your investment.

We offer quality guarantees over and above our competition 

In addition we save you money be excluding records you already hold ensuring you are not buying double. 

We also offer UK & International Data Cleaning 
Address cleaning 
De-duplication service
Suppression screening including Gone-away & Deceased, NCOA - Change of Address 
Telephone & Mail Preference Service screening
Telephone append 
Mobile number validation services 

Data Bubble can update your data quickly & effectively reducing the time spent and the money wasted trying to contact out of date records.

We can improve response rates & protect your companies reputation from bad PR when doing a direct marketing campaign. call for a free data quality report.

Why use Data Bubble?

We offer you Industry knowledge saving you time & money getting the right list for your Direct Marketing campaign.
Options and recommendation allowing you to make an informed choice. 
Independent advice, only recommending the most appropriate list for your direct marketing campaign. 
We take away the hassle of hiring staff or explaining your needs over and over, freeing up your time to get on with your business. 

If you need help call me on 01274 483936 or visit
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Business data 
Consumer data lists
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International data lists
Telemarketing data 
Lists for Telecanvassing 
Mobile phone checking 
HLR mobile phone verification 
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