Data Clean Europe

Data Clean Europe is the leading Specialists in Controlled Environment Cleaning and Maintenance in both the UK & Ireland.

Professional Membership of the following organisations:
  • Irish Clean Room Society
  • The Society of Environmental Engineers
  • Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology

Controlled Environments that Data Clean Europe can clean and maintain include:
  • Cleanrooms
  • Data Centres
  • Server Rooms
  • Computer Rooms
  • Switch Rooms
  • Manufacturing Plants

Data Clean Europe can also supply a wide range of Computer Room Products including
  • Koldloks – Cable opening covers
  • Plenaform – Under Floor Air Barriers
  • Raised Access Floor Tile Lifters
  • Air-Grilles
  • Soft-Wall Clean Rooms
  • Particle Counters
  • Tacky mats / Contamination Control Mats

Data Clean Europe also provides Enviromental Consultancy Services including:
  • Facility Environmental Analysis
  • Implementation of Environmental Best Practise
  • Hot Spot Identification & Remediation
  • Zinc Whisker Testing and Remediation
  • Airborne Particle Counts

We also specialise in the Cleaning of Computer Equipment including:
  • Keyboard
  • Mice
  • Servers
  • Photocopiers
  • Printers
  • Fax Machines

Nationwide UK and Ireland Dublin United Kingdom