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The Data Physics 900 Series Dynamic Signal Analyser combines signal analysis capabilities with a new distributed real-time signal processing engine to provide unrivalled dynamic testing capabilities. The 900 Series hardware is designed for demanding field applications, and with modular gigabit Ethernet architecture, the 900 Series can be expanded to over 1,000 channels for laboratory use.

Vibration Controllers

Here at Data Physics, we specialise in the design, manufacture, and marketing of high performance solutions in signal processing for applications in both noise and vibration.

We supply the SignalStar family of vibration controllers to provide a complete solution for all your vibration controller and vibration testing requirements. Our control systems provide the highest level of vibration control performance. We have three systems for you to choose from, so we have the right shaker controller for your laboratory.

Vibration Controllers

Vibration Test Systems

We supply complete vibration test systems around the world, including shakers, power amplifiers, slip tables, head expanders, vibration controllers and dynamic signal analyzers. We have the largest shaker service operation in the world with centres in the UK and both coasts of the USA. 

We began manufacturing SignalForce electrodynamic shaker systems in the UK with the acquisition of Gearing & Watson and in California based on organic growth. With the subsequent acquisition of Ling Electronics and ACG Dynamics, SignalForce shakers now incorporate intellectual property formerly associated with Gearing & Watson Electronics, Ling Electronics, Kimball Industries, ACG Dynamics, and Derritron Vibration Products.

Vibration Test Systems

FFT Analysers

We provide an ingenious general FFT solution including both FFT analysis and realtime recording. Data Physics SignalCalc Dynamic Signal Analyzers supply a powerful selection of functions for fast, accurate, and easy to use time and frequency domain measurements.

Our standard software provides an impressive set of measurements including:

  • Time domain acquisition
  • Transient capture
  • Linear spectra
  • Auto power spectra
  • Magnitude spectra
  • Synchronous average
  • Power spectral density
  • Transfer function
  • Coherence
  • RPM spectra
  • Correlation
  • Histogram
  • Probability distribution
  • Probability density
FFT Analysers

Dynamic Signal Analyzers

Our dynamic signal analyzers provide highly accurate measurements in the time, frequency, amplitude, and order domains. You have the option of a variety of hardware platforms from the pocket-sized ACE to the new Abacus. This can be combined with your preferred computer platform to configure a state-of-the-art solution for any dynamic signal analysis application.

Our dynamic signal analyzers provide connectivity across networks and applications, consistency of the intuitive user interface design across all products and compatibility of data and results with industry standards ensuring efficient interchange with other popular design and analysis programs.

Dynamic Signal Analyzers

Underwater Acoustics

We have manufactured an impressive range of underwater products. We now offer complete turnkey solutions including transducers, drive electronics, towfish, tow cables, full handling systems, trials support and through life service.

Our product range is led by SubTrack – a sonar target system to be towed from a craft of opportunity, hull mounted on a submarine, deployed statically or mounted on the seabed. SubTrack is a sound source generating the acoustic signature normally associated with a submarine or surface target.

Underwater Acoustics

Rotating Machinery Diagnostics

We pride ourselves in ensuring long trouble-free operation of rotating and reciprocating machinery. Process machinery, aircraft engines and automotive drive trains are all examples of machines required to operate efficiently and safely. If not, the consequences can be catastrophic both in terms of both personal injury and operational costs.

We provide a comprehensive selection of measurement and graphical tools designed to enable fast and effective diagnostics of fluid filled bearing systems. Vibrations in shaft systems housed in journal bearings require special measurement and analysis techniques. The most fundamental measurements defining shaft motion in such bearings are derived from pairs of proximity probe type displacement transducers placed orthogonally at each bearing location.

Rotating Machinery Diagnostics
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