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Data Translation is a world leader in high performance USB and Ethernet (LXI) Data Acquisition products and Open, Powerful Test & Measurement Software.

We provide:

  • Data acquisition hardware and software solutions
  • Test, measurement and control systems
  • USB data acquisition modules with simultaneous sampling rates up to 10 MHz
  • Vibration Measurement with Embedded ARM
  • USB Data Loggers and application software
  • Temperature measurement instruments using thermocouples and RTDs
  • A large range of different USB module types with over 150 different models
  • Direct Connect: Data Acquisition with integrated signal conditioning for strain, force, load, pressure measurements
  • PCI products with analogue sampling rates up to 1.25MHz
  • DSP based acquisition and control products
  • Ethernet data acquisition
  • OEM versions available for integration into your products
  • Interfaces to software packages such as MATLAB & LabVIEW
  • Free information and advice
  • USB Data Acquisition 
  • Test and Measurement Software

Data Translation's wealth of experience and you can use it to solve your current data acquisition challenges. We are only an email or phone call away. We believe our pre and post-sales service is second to none. We are happy to discuss your application and to recommend a solution to meet your requirements.

USB Data Acquisition

Imagine the ability to make complex measurements easily with a laptop anywhere and at anytime

There is a new class of instruments that give this capability ... at a very low cost. They are called "mini-instruments". They feature small size (handheld), low cost connect to a laptop (via USB), and consume very little power directly from the laptop (known as low power mode via USB). If that isn't enough, these small modular shielded boxes come with QuickDAQ plug and play software that makes sophisticated measurements with just a click of a mouse.

•8 to 24 analog inputs at up to 100 kHz
•10 / 12-bit resolution
•10 MOhm input impedance for higher accuracy
•Up to 28 Digital I/O lines

Simultaneous Data Acquisition

Simultaneous Sampling of Analog Inputs

Multifunction USB Modules. Now high speed up to 10MSamples/s per channel!

A new generation of USB based 16-bit and 24-bit Data Acquisition devices, featuring all the benefits obtained by the simultaneous sampling of analog input signals. Individual A/D converters acquire data with higher bandwidth and eliminate channel to channel time skews.

Ethernet Data Acquisition

Precision Measurement Instruments

Multi-function, multi-channel precision instruments with ISO Channel galvanic isolation. Each instrument has an Ethernet (LXI compliant) interface for local or remote control and data transfer over LAN and WAN networks. All instruments have simultaneous sampling for precise inter-channel timing. Individual 24-bit analog to digital converters for each channel allow maximum accuracy and stability. Includes the industry leading MEASURpoint ranges.

Channel counts of between 4 and 48 channels per instrument and the ability to configure and synchronize multiple units on a TCP/IP network enable large scale measurement systems to be made.

Strain, Force, Pressure Measurement

Integrated Signal Conditioning for Sensor Measurements

The DT9838 offers high-speed performance in a compact form factor for applications including strain, load, pressure, and other bridge-based measurements. The USB bus-powered module removes the need for an external power supply and offers 24-bit resolution; direct connectivity; 52 kS/s simultaneously sampled analog inputs; full-, half-, and quarter-bridge completion; up to 10 V internal excitation; transducer electronic data sheet (TEDS) smart sensor compatibility, plug-and-play connectivity and channel expansion using the RJ45 synchronisation connector to synchronise up to four DT9838 or DT9837 series modules.

Temperature Measurement

Precision Temperature Measurement Instruments

MEASURpoint™ are a series of temperature measurement instruments designed for high accuracy and industrial robustness. MEASURpoint utilitzes ISO-Channel™ front end architecture to eliminate common mode noise and ground loops through 1000V channel to channel galvanic isolation.

These instruments allow direct thermocouple or RTD sensors and precision voltage measurements with a PC. Temperature and voltage values can be viewed, graphed, or exported to Excel, and allow limit checking for control or monitoring of an experimental or manufacturing process.

USB interface and Ethernet (LXI) versions are available with 8, 16, 24, 32, 40, or 48 channels. Multiple instruments can be combined for large scale local or networked data measurement.

The DT9828 channel USB module is available for lower thermocouple channel counts and cost, featuring uncompromised accuracy.

Sound & Vibration Acquisition

Sound & Vibration Measurements Out of the Box

Data Translation has a wide range of vibration measurement products for sound and vibration applications including noise emission monitoring, predictive maintenance, and shock analysis. Devices covering 2 to 256 measurement channels for mobile or stationary use. 24-bit simultaneous sampling up to 216 kS/s per channel, conditioning amplifiers for IEPE transducers and measurement microphones, and high speed tachometer inputs are built-in. The units may also generate precision stimulus signals at high sampling rates. The devices are supported by numerous vibration analysis packages.
The USB or Ethernet modules are delivered with the easy-to-use QuickDAQ application. QuickDAQ provides a free Windows data logger that can be extended with two additional options for various FFT-based spectrum analysis, including frequency response functions and modal analysis. 


The ability to connect various sensors directly to the measurement equipment is now a reality. There is no need for additional signal conditioning. Direct-Connect modules now contain this necessary signal conditioning inside the module. The result is fast, straight-forward connection between the sensor and the module. Application software is available to control and analyze the resulting data to solve the complete problem. The DT9829 provides for Multi-Sensor connection of RTDs, thermocouples, thermistors, strain-based sensors as well as measurement of voltage, current and resistance.

High Performance Data Acquisition

Multifunction Simultaneous

The DT9862, DT9832 and DT9836 are a family of high-performance USB Data Acquisition modules that provide simultaneous analog input operation at up to 10 MHz per channel. Each analog input has its own A/D converter to eliminate phase shift between channels and to allow you to correlate measurements at the exact same instant in time. Additionally, all functions of the module (A/D, D/A, DIO, C/T, Q/D) can be triggered simultaneously and the data streamed synchronously to host memory. These modules also feature 3 quadrature decoders for measuring absolute and relative position and for detecting rotational speed.

Test & Measurement Software

Measurement, Analysis and Presentation Tools

Data Translation's measurement products are compatible with a wide range of software.

Ready-to-measure engineering, scientific and industrial applications covering acquisition, graphical presentation and analysis as well as software tools for custom embedded and system development are available.

QuickDAQ data acquisition and logger software included with all USB, Ethernet and PCI products. Free downloadable software interfaces for LabVIEW, MATLAB, DASYlab, DIAdem and VEE

Simultaneous Measurement with Embedded ARM Processor

Embedded Solution for Vibration Applications using Embedded ARM processor and Linux with Free Source Code.

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