Datacut Engineering Ltd

Subcontract CNC Turned Parts to ISO9001:2000 quality standards. We are most competitive in the 34-52mm size range.

Services on offer:

  • CNC Turning (polygon generation+live tooling+twin turrets)
  • CNC Drilling
  • CNC Milling (lighter applications)

52mm / 2" Bar capacity
300mm Chucking capacity

100 - 10,000 or more parts per month

  • Polygon generation specialists - why slowly mill hexagon or square shapes, when you can simply turn them?

    Can we do your parts? Just send us some information and you'll find out!

CNC Turned Parts

We machine a variety of materials, upto 50mm diameter capacity, on advanced CNC machine lathes, multi spindle, multi turrets with live tooling, to achieve one hit machining on our subcontract parts.

High Volume CNC

Recent investments in Index CNC lathes (fomerly employed for JCB parts), we are more than capable to deliver your high volume parts, on time. We have the capacity, reserve back-up machinery and additional shifts if necessary, to deliver your parts on schedule. 

Precision Components

Our cnc machinery is highly capable of machining tight tolerance precision components. Couple with this, our certified ISO9001:2008 quality control accredition, by independent assessment, we hope to assure you of the quality of our work.

Glass Fixing Bolts

We have a number of years experience in providing glass fixing bolts, curtain wall glass, washers, glass fin bolts to curtain wall glass suppliers . We offer sub-contract machining of your fixing bolt part requirements.

Glass Fixing Bolts

Medical Components

We have been manufacturing components for one of the industry's leading tablet coating manufacturers for a number of decades.

Laser Cut Profiles

We can provide laser cut profiles for flat plate, tube and box sections. ~cutting to 0.1mm tolerance on 4000mm x 2000mm beds from 0.5mm up to 30mm thick (st/st).- see also our bending section.

Laser Cut Profiles

Press Brake Folding

We can arrange press brake folding on a variety of often (see laser section) laser cut profiles.

Machine & Vehicle Parts

Working with a number of manufacturers, we supply parts for machinery, production lines and a variety of industrial machinery suppliers. Be it the final products or the equipment, belts and conveyors that deliver the building of these parts.

Compressor & Vacuum Parts

We provide sub-contract parts that contribute to the compressor and vacuum processing industries.

Gas Valves

We subcontract parts to customers involved with the gas and petro chemical industries. Be it spindles, check valve, stop valve, directional or regulation valves. 

Brass Turned Parts

We have produced many fittings for the gas bottle, chemical and also sports diving industry.

Plastic Turned Parts

We produce nylon 66 bushes for clamping glass curtain wall facades to buildings and have also machined PEEK, polyurethane and other plastics, some for quick release medical valves.

Hydraulic Fittings

We can manufacture a wide range of bespoke hydraulic fittings for you.

Datacut Engineering Ltd Overview