Datum is an amazing forward thinking Printing Company, with an on site Creative Agency. We specialise in branding, marketing collateral, advertising, web design & multimedia. We create, adapt and produce marketing campaigns across all formats, in Print and on screen. We’re quick, reliable and always there when you need us.

Design & Artwork

Design & artwork

We provide a comprehensive in-house design and artwork service, with our designers working directly with the client to ensure a speedy and efficient service. Our studio has great experience in designing for both print and digital applications.

Save time right from the start

Whether it’s an event you’re hosting, an upmarket packaging piece or simply a new brochure, we can create sketches and mocked-up concepts before you commit to the design stage. Working directly with our designers means you’ll save on all-important time and cost.

Inspirational design

If you are looking for a little inspiration or a fresh design to fit with your existing brand, we can help. We learn to understand the needs for the project and help express the right message to your audience.

Protecting your brand

Our studio has a wealth of experience creating artwork to strict brand guidelines – working with national supermarkets, banking groups and high-end brands. We not only use our pre-press expertise to ensure colour consistency with print, but know that this is equally important for the digital format.

Press advertising

Using your brand guidelines and assets, we can reformat your artwork ready for press adverts according to your publisher’s specifications and processes. We know that adverts can come in at the very last minute and our account managers are on hand to talk to the publication on your behalf.

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Design & Artwork

Print Production

Print production

There is no better way of communicating, educating and exciting your clients than with well-designed and expertly printed marketing collateral. An amazing high-quality brochure or a personalised direct-mail piece will engage your clients and leave them wanting to know more.

Digital print front runners

We’ve been printing digitally for 15 years. Faster production times and lower production costs allow you to be more proactive with your marketing print.

Litho experts

If you want high-end quality in large quantities then lithographic printing is for you. We use the newest Heidelberg presses to deliver the highest litho print quality. The whirl of the presses, the smell of ink on paper – we love it!

Personalised print

There is no better way to grow your client base, increase client spend or make your clients feel loved than using personalisation in your marketing campaign. We can integrate personalised communication across print and web. Just ask us.

What happens next?

It’s all very well printing the job on a digital or litho press on a fantastic tactile paper, but what happens next? We have a huge array of finishing techniques and processes at our disposal. We work with precision and care to ensure the perfect finish.

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Print Production

Digital production

Digital production

Digital marketing is being consumed on a daily basis, particularly on mobile devices. We offer a number of services that can work as standalone marketing pieces or be integrated with your printed campaign.

Responsive website design and build

We design beautiful websites – but, more importantly, we design around user experience. The websites are built on a CMS of your choice or HTML5 and are fully responsive, ready for mobile use. Depending on your needs, we can bring in one of our specialist SEO partners.

Digital publishing made easy

Digital publishing does not have to be daunting. Within a matter of clicks we can put your printed document online in the form of a basic page-turner page, an eBook or interactive PDF. We can also adapt your files for a full tablet experience with interactive graphics and movies.

App development

We can help develop your app for iOS and Android platforms from initial discussion, user experience, wire framing, design, programming and submission to sale on the app stores. Not sure where to start? We will help you through the whole process.

Animation and banner adverts

We create web banner adverts and animations from scratch or from your existing campaign assets to your digital publishers’ specifications. Then we submit them fully tested to online services such as DoubleClick and AdTech.

Sensible email marketing

Every email campaign designed and sent by us is A/B tested on a number of devices to ensure compatibility across mobile, tablet and desktop devices. We can integrate your email campaign with a print direct-mail piece and offer a dashboard for click and response rates.

Looking for something different?

We love to work with clients on the latest technologies, whether it’s Google Cardboard, which offers an affordable client-branded solution for virtual reality, or near-field-communication (NFC) chips integrated into their print project offering interactivity with their mobile phone.

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Digital production

Point of Sale

Point of sale

We produce everything retailers could want, including posters, floor coverings, window graphics and display units, for many well-known high-street brands. POS, POP, barkers, wobblers, FSDUs – this is the section for strange names and acronyms. Keep an eye out for more!

Big is beautiful

Using our large format presses we can produce high-quality, large-scale graphics that will complement and enhance your brand. Be it large hanging boards to direct and inform or floor graphics to inspire and persuade, just talk to us.

Are you wobbling and barking?

To ensure your products are chosen before your competitors, make sure the shelves are barking and your graphics are wobbling with your brand. Have you seen our 3D wobblers?

Does your product deserve more?

Worried your product will be hidden and not displayed properly in store? It won’t happen when we install it, but a free-standing display unit (FSDU) is another alternative. You decide how it looks to boost brand awareness and increase sales.

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Point of Sale

Large Format Printing

Large format

We supply and manage all forms of large-format print, from temporary seasonal signage, permanent and interactive experiences. We continually source new and innovative materials whether it’s the latest textured wallpaper or digital interactive technology.

Temporary campaigns

Whether it’s a Christmas campaign, Valentines event or the latest sporting showcase, we are the ideal partner for your temporary large-format campaign. Some of the items we include are pull up banners, pop up banners, flags, posters, banners and window graphics.

Permanent environmental graphics

When your project requires a permanent graphic, we can supply a wide range of items, including etched and CAD-cut acrylic signs, beautiful textured wallpapers in a range of finishes, and Dibond boards.

Digital solutions

We offer a number of digital solutions for your large-format campaign. We can supply touch screen displays and can adapt your artwork to be fully interactive with our in-house studio. We also offer an augmented reality or virtual reality solution to interact with your graphics and campaign. Not sure where to start? Give us a call.

Consultancy, installation and removal

When planning your project, we offer a non-commitment consultancy to discuss, plan and site-survey your project. All our installers have the necessary certifications, including risk assessment, as well as public liability insurance. If required, we can decommission your installation, even overnight!

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Large Format Printing

Brand & campaign management

Brand & campaign management

Consider us an extension to your team. Just give us your campaign elements or brand guidelines and we’ll handle their application across all customer touchpoints.

We deal with the complex stuff

We understand the challenges in arranging a campaign or event, like documentation, budgets and keeping to schedules. Meticulous planning and organisation by our account managers, who work side by side like clockwork.

Design and consultation service

Not sure where to start? Don’t know how far your budget will take you? A benefit of working with us is that we’re happy to provide ideas and concepts before you commit to artwork stage. We have the benefit of the whole team working on the premises from start to finish and we are very adaptable. Put us to the test!

Exhibitions and trade shows

Our exhibitions run without a hitch, because the design, print, installation and project management are all carried out internally without the need of external suppliers. No conflicts of interest, or clashing schedules.

The main event

The Rugby World Cup 2015, Royal Ascot, the Premier League, The Boat Race and Henley Royal Regatta are just a number of the events we have worked on. We understand your industry and what is required to deliver on budget, on time.

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Brand & campaign management

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