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Here at Datum Electronics, we specialise in providing torque transducer solutions and power measurement products. We provide standard and specialist torque transducer solutions tailored to meet you exact requirements of drive shaft and test rig systems.

Torque Transducers

We supply three standard series of torque transducers to measure torques from 10Nm up to 2MNm. Our innovative torque transducers include the conventional, rotor stator and flanged torque transducers to meet varying specifications.

Marine Torsionmeter Systems

We have a naval and a commercial group of marine torsionmeter systems. Our naval system is tested and qualified to both MIL specifications and UK DefStan’s. Our Commercial marine torsionmeter system is the world's only modular solution to marine propulsion shaft power measurement and is used for shafts from 100mm up to 1100mm in diameter.  Our Marine Torsionmeter systems can offer a variety of flexible outputs to suit your needs including; Ethernet, RS485, ModBus, traditional analogue outputs e.g. 0-10V this data can also be saved to removable memory sources

Shaft Power Measuring Systems

We have designed kit form shaft power measuring systems to allow you to gather data from a variety of shafts to assess power levels and torque changes. Our shaft power measuring systems provide serial outputs of shaft torque, speed and power to be logged and displayed on a PC.

Custom Solutions

We manufacture custom solutions and transducers for applications. Our custom solutions include helical pile installation monitoring, tractor power measurement, winch monitoring, and mixer viscosity measurement.

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