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We have many different styles of coving and cornice that we have categorised into 6 distinct ranges:

  • Orac Decor Cornice (more elaborate and larger style cornice)
  • Orac Axxent coving (slightly simpler 
  • Flexible versions of our Decor range (for curved walls etc)
  • Uplighting troughs
  • Modern contemporary styles (very different to 'standard' profiles)
  • Traditional 'budget' 127mm coving

For more details, see our page here - Davuka coving

Skirting Boards

All our skirting boards are pre-primed and in stock. Made of impact resistant duropolymer, they will not warp or rot.

Orders over £150 (excl VAT) are free delivery by next working day courier.

Skirting Boards

  • SX104 skirting board
  • SX105 skirting board (incl in flexible)
  • SX118 skirting board (incl in flexible)
  • SX122 skirting board (for hiding cables)
  • SX125 skirting board
  • SX137 skirting board
  • SX138 skirting board
  • SX155 skirting board
  • SX156 skirting board
  • SX167 skirting board (new design for 2013/2014)

Corbels & Shelves

All our Corbels & Shelve measurements are metric and we suggest you use decofix Pro adhesive to install suitable.

Corbals & Shelve

  • BEL B401
  • CORBEL B402
  • CORBEL B403
  • CORBEL B404
  • CORBEL B408

We also do: CORBEL B409, CORBEL B410, CORBEL B413, CORBEL B414,Shelf B417

Dado & Panel

We do a wide variety of Dado and Panels, please view example below:

  • PX102 dado
  • PX103 dado
  • PX103/A
  • PX113 dado
  • PX114 dado

We also do: PX116 dado,PX117 dado,PX120 dado,PX120A,PX131 dado,PX144 dado,PX147 dado,P1020 dado,P101/A, P20, P2020, P201/A, P21, P3020, P4020,P4020/A,P5020,P5020/A,P5020/B,P5021,P5050,P5051,P6020,
P7010,P7020,P7030,P7040,P7050,P7060,P7070,P7080,P8020,P801/C,P8030,P8030,P8030/D,P8040, P8050,P9010,P9020,P9040,P9050,P9900,P9901

Uplighting Cornice

We want you to achieve the best installation standard you can, so we for new customers & current customers want to FREE OF CHARGE (RRP £9.98) give you 2-in-1 (5m) internal gap measurement tape for skirting and covering totalling £200+. This is for a limited time and subject to our stock level.

We also do: C901, C902 uplighter cornice, IL002-001, IL002-002, IL002-003,IL001-005, IL2230D

Half Columns

Our half columns are supplied with a undercoat/primer for painting (Externally installing then we recommend an external paint grade for the best results).

  • Half column KI1H
  • Half column KI2H
  • Half column KI3H
  • Half column KI4H
  • Half column KI5H

We also do: Half column KI6H, Half column KI7H, Half column KI8H,Half column KD1H,Half column KD2H, Half column KD3H, Half column KD4H , Half column KD5H , Half column KD6H,Half column KD7H,Half column KD8H,Half column KDXL2H, Half column KC1H, Half column KC2H , Half column KC3H , Half column KC4H, K1101, K1001,K1111, K1121,K1141, K1131, K1151, K2131, K3001, K3101, K3111, K3141, K4131, K4121, K4001   


All our Pillars measurements are all metric and supplied with a undercoat/primer for painting. All orders over £150 (excl VAT) comes FREE delivery

  • .KP1
  • .KP4
  • .KP7
  • K255
  • K241

We also do: K240, K254, .KP3, .KP5, .KP6, K220, K224, K223, K221, K250, K253, K251, K202, K200, K201

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