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Brushes often have an unobtrusive though important role in several processes. You will find them practically everywhere where products or materials are being treated. Technical brushes are all round applicable and offer a flexible solution for a growing amount and often complex industrial processes.

- KOTI Industrial and Technical Brushes exists for over 40 years and has developed itself in that period of time into one of the greatest specialists of brushes in Europe. In this period many types of brushes were developed and we always aimed for optimal quality and service. How specific your brush has to be, it is no problem for us to stand up to your expectations.

- KOTI is an international company with productions establishments in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Austria and the UK. There is also a sales office in Germany.

Tufted Roller Brushes

The tufted roller brush is one of the most versatile products from our range of products. These brushes can be applied in many industries for multiple applications

A pattern of holes is drilled into the core of this brush. Afterwards, the bundled fibres are punched mechanically in these holes and sealed with a hook. The application determines the material of which the hook is made. This may be tinned wire or stainless steel 316. The drill pattern, the diameter of the holes and the fibre material depend on the application. For example, in the pharmaceutical, chemical and graphical industry, they will use chemical resistant materials. In other branches, it is more important that the brushes are flexible, robust and not easily worn out. KOTI produces and delivers a standard package of round brushes (with a shaft hole without shaft) and brush rollers with shaft taps in an equal filling and in multiple profiled fillings. If you would not find the right brush, our experts are ready to find a solution for your brushing problem.  


  • suitable for many applications in different industries
  • optimal flexibility in filling
  • high quality with excellent price-performance-ratio
  • wide choice in fillings
  • most current diameters and dimensions standard deliverable from stock
Tufted Roller Brushes

Brush Lathes

The fibres are punched into the lath and the lath itself can be put in several profiles.

The combination of materials is very flexible by which a product exists with a lot of usages and appearances. Brush laths are very suited for sealing against for example fluids, water, dirt and vermin. You can also use our laths for transporting bottles or pressuring labels. We have learned from daily experience that a lot of problems often ask for the same solution. This is why we make sure that all our standard brush laths are continuously on stock.


When an application demands much from a brush lath, for example when a lath is liable to wear and asks for a quick replacement, KOTI has a solution in the shape of a C-profile. Brush laths in C-profile can be replaced in a fast and simple way. The holder is a part that stays put, the brush lath on the other hand can be taken off easily. The holder has to be purchased once. So when the lath is worn out, only the lath itself needs to be replaced.


  • suited for several applications
  • easy to assemble and disassemble
  • can be put under 90 ° and at an angle
  • quick replacement by means of the C-profile
Brush Lathes

Split Core Brushes

The split core brush is a flexible form of the brush roller. They are brush rollers compound of two half shells that can be assembled on the core easily. This way you do not have to dismantle the shaft of the brush.

This system is often used where brushes need to be changed frequently or where brush rollers are hard to use. The brush core can stay in the machine which is the crucial advantage of this system. This will save you time and your machine will be stopped for a short time. The half shells are put on the core by means of stainless steel fastening screws.

  • Advantages
  • simple assembling and disassembling
  • short stop of machine because the core can stay
  • saves costs and time
  • suited for several applications
  • filling, quality and thickness of the drilling pattern can be fitted for each type of brush element 
Split Core Brushes

Quick Seal

Next to KOTI's wide range of brush strips and brush laths, KOTI has developed a new product: the Quick Seal. This flexible brush strip adjusts itself to every shape.

The Quick Seal is the brush with the flexible character. Its great advantage in comparison with other brush strips is that the Quick Seal completely exists out of transformable plastic. This is a very flexible material by which it can be applied in almost every shape. The Quick Seal can be used for several usages as closing, supporting, striking, slowing down and pressing.
Because of its flexible character, the Quick Seal can be rolled up easily. The Quick Seal is packaged in a flat box on a roll of 25 meters or multiples. This saves a lot of space and costs in storage and transport. By means of special scissors, the Quick Seal can be cut at any desired length, without any waste. We have these rolls at stock, but other lengths are always possible at demand.


  • very flexible brush that follows every shape
  • is made of solid and eminent thermoplastic rubber
  • UV- and ozonresistant, resistant to chemicals and to temperatures from - 40 ° until +125 ° C
  • deliverable on rolls of 25 meter or multiples
  • cost saving transport
  • easy and fast assemblage
Quick Seal

Quick Chain

Besides the KOTI brush belts, we offer you a very flexible version: the Quick Chain. This is a brushing conveyor belt composed of loose chains. In this way, a brush belt can be created in almost every desired length or width.

The Quick Chain System is a multifunctional system that can transport goods horizontally, vertically or diagonally. From vulnerable to heavy products like fruit, glass, eggs, plates, crates and boxes. The brushes make sure that the products are transported without damage, noise and in an efficient way. Quick Chain is an ingenious, simple, relatively cheap but most of all efficient transport device.

The loose chains of this system can be assembled and disassembled easily. By moving the chains together, a brush belt is created. The packaging too is simple which makes a difference in the transporting costs. When worn out, the chains can be ordered separately, so you do not have to buy a complete new belt.


  • simple assembly and disassembly
  • worn out parts can be replaced easily and simple
  • usage horizontal, vertical and diagonal
  • each length or width possible
  • saving in investments in stock and storage space because of loose parts
  • suited for transport of many kinds of products and goods
Quick Chain

Quick Snap Systems

The KOTI Quick Snap System exists of elements from which you can put together your own brush roller. Without using complicated tools, the (worn out) brush elements can be assembled and disassembled easily. This exceptional system is suited for several usages as washing, transporting, degreasing and sweeping.

Each user can replace the elements himself with this system. All elements gear into one another by means of indentation. Because of this, there is an even surface that does not leave any streaks on the surface to be brushed. The brushes are built in such a way that they can be used both clockwise and counterclockwise.

All Quick Snap elements can be changed according to your wishes concerning drilling pattern, diameter, filling, etc.
Thanks to the low weight and the compact design, Quick Snap elements can be stacked and wrapped easily. You need less storage space because you do not have to keep a whole brush roller in stock any longer.


  • easy and simple replacing of worn out brush parts
  • no special tools or technical adjustments required
  • can be combined with almost every type of brush roller
  • even brush surface after assembling
  • easy to transport, without expensive boxes 
Quick Snap Systems

Brush Plates

The brush plate is a frequently used product with different possibilities for many applications. They are used for example for washing punching machines for plate treatment. Besides this, they are very appropriate for supporting, guiding and pressuring delicate products.

The brush plates are attuned to its carrying capacity. The standard types with a capacity of 500-1250-2000 kg mass per square meter are deliverable. Thanks to the right choice of fibres and core material, KOTI makes sure that, while transporting goods, the possibility of damage is minimised. By using the most advanced production methods, we develop and produce high quality brush plates, according to your wishes.

KOTI is one of the few suppliers that can deliver a standard brush plate in the dimensions 2500 x 1200 mm.


  • well suited for moving big, delicate and heavy products
  • much less frictional resistance because of the large carrying surface
  • less noise because of the large carrying surface
  • almost unlimited possibilities in transport of products
  • perfect solution for transport of products over a bigger distance
  • fast replacement of worn out brushes
Brush Plates

Spiral Brushes

These brushes consist out of brush strips in single or double band which are coiled into a brush roller with the profile together or with a pitch. This implicates that the filling can be open or very close.

The spiral brush has a great deal of application possibilities. The major advantage of this brush type with regard to the punched brush is that a much closer filling can be made with heavier and thicker fibre diameters. The filling material can vary from synthetic fibre, glass fibre, animal fibre and curved steel wire.

The spiral brush can be delivered assembled on a core, on a thin sided tube or as a loose spiral. You can choose for a brush with the filling material facing inward or outward. Depending on the usage, the brushes are available in single or double band.

Spiral brushes single band

The fibres of these brushes are clinched in a steel U-profile by means of a core wire. The width of the profile ranges from 2.5 mm until 12 mm. This brush has a continuous filling. Very narrow diameters are possible which is a great advantage of this product. For example a shaft hole diameter of 5 mm and a total diameter of 12 mm.

When the standard dimensions (see schedule) are not sufficient for your purpose, KOTI can make the brush to measure. The single band can not get as much rotation speed as to double band version..

Spiral brushes double band
This brush contains of two metal bands from which the outer band has holes and that clenches the inner band. The amount of holes and their dimensions is standard. The tightness of the filling can be measured very well and you can work with several types of fibres - from very fine to very heavy steel wire or synthetic fibre. The clamping of the hairs is always guaranteed. This version is at its best when high demands are made on the tightness of the clenching of the fibres.
This type of brush has been developed from the experience we had with single band brushes. KOTI is one of the first manufacturers that has brought this double band brush on the market. This gives us the privileged position to deliver this spiral brush in many qualities and shapes in order to find the correct solution. By talking with our customers about the purposes of their brush, an appropriate solution can always be found.


  • open and tight filling possible
  • high rotation speed
  • easy assembling and disassembling
  • many application possibilities
  • several constructions in single band as well as double band 
Spiral Brushes

Brush Belts

Because of its unique shape, brush belts create a very own range of applications. They are used for moving, slowing down, transporting, supporting and cleaning. Brush belts are available in three types.

The V-string belt
This brush is often used for cleaning of several kinds of surfaces. They are also fit to transport and guide sensitive and fragile products.

The V-string is made of a core made of polyethan or rubber with a canvas insert. The width and height are standard, for which fitting V-string poulies are delivered together with the brushes.

The V-string is suited for small measurements. Depending on the width, it is made with one or more brush rows. The brush is easy to assemble and disassemble. The length determines whether extra support is needed to position the belt well. An advantage of this brush is that for all types the standard V-string can be used. This belt can be delivered as well endless as on a roll.

The flat brush belt
This type of belt can be used for the same application as the previous type. The advantage is that it can be made in wider range of widths, from 25 to 400 mm.

The flat belt is often used for transporting and cleaning. You can obtain an optimal cleaning by putting the belt axial.
The flat brush belt is normally made of chrome leather in different thickness, or of plastic. In case of a large length or width, the belt is mostly made with strings at the bottom to get a good rotation. The extended possibilities in width allow fillings from open until extremely tight. This belt can be delivered as well endless as on a roll.

toothed brush belt
Also this type of belt has the same applications. The major advantage is the timing. The belt runs over toothed poulies, which makes sure there is no slipping thus assuring a right timing. The running speed can be set up exactly and it can go until 6m/s.

The toothed belt is a flat belt made of polyethan or another plastic with toothing at the bottom.
For the standard dimensions, there are standard poulies. Both the dimensions and the poulies of this belt are standardised. The filling can only be put on the back of the tooth, which means that the filling always is relatively open. 

Brush Belts

Brush Strips

The brush strip consists of a metal band in which a core wire is put. Between these two parts, the fibres are inserted. By clenching the total together, we get a brush strip with a variable profile width. To get an easy fastening, the brush is put in a holder or an underframe. Brush strips are suited for amongst others closing, guiding and pressuring.

 KOTI brush strips are very multifunctional and deliverable in many variants. We have the straight strip or the rotated strip, which can be put in every shape wanted. The profile and the material depend on the application. The filling, the fibre diameter and the hairlength are available in all desired possibilities. The mentioned strips from KOTI are available in single and double band.

Single band
This single band version has its fibres clenched in a metal base profile by means of a core wire. This guarantees a continuous and maximum hair filling without interruptions or holes. This is very important in protection from light, wind or dust.

Double band
This type consists of two metal bands from which the outer one has holes and clenches the inner band. The amount of holes and their dimensions is standard. The tightness of the filling can be measured very well and you can work with several types of fibres - from very fine to very heavy steel wire or synthetic fibre. The clamping of the hairs is always guaranteed.

The version with a wing profile also belongs to this group. A horizontal lip is deformed at the bottom of this single banded brush strip. The width of the profile is 20 mm. This shape is used mostly for cleaning.

Another advantage learned from experience: in case of local damage at the brush, only that bundle will let go and the other bundles will stay put.

Brush strips for sealing
These strips are single band brush strips that are often used for sealing windows, doors, machines and furniture from light, dust and dirt. These brushes work perfectly because they follow every irregularity. The fibres can move freely and will adjust to any unevenness in the floor or side. These brushes can be delivered standard in many dimensions, but strips made to measure are as easy to achieve.


  • suited for many applications
  • very applicable for uneven surfaces
  • available in many standard profiles and dimensions
  • fast and easy assemblage
  • very short delivery times
  • can be delivered from our stock
Brush Strips

Anti Static Brushes

Everyone of us has seen static electricity. Think about the shock you get when touching your car's door. The most important causes of static electricity are friction, pressure and separation. The consequences of static electricity in industry can lead to disruptions that slow down the productionprocess and are consuming precious time and money. In order to keep the productionprocess running we have to control or avoid static electricity. KOTI's anti-static brushes can help you perfectly.

Anti-static brushes are often used in copy machines, cash dispensers, cutting machines, presses, laminating machines and cardboarding.

Our solution

Our goal is to control or avoid static charge. These brushes carry the charge off constantly. KOTI has developed several brushes for this matter. They mostly exist out of an aluminium or plastic conducting core with bundles of very great amounts of carbonfibre, stainless steel or thunderon inside. The fibres do not always have to touch the product, which causes no wearing or scratches. The charge is carried away non-sparking so the tension can not become too high. In many cases, this is a very simple and interesting price-technical solution.
Is the reason of your static charge non-conducting fibres? In this case, it is logical to change to brushes with conducting fibres. For this reasonKOTI has developed Stalon fibre. This fibre avoids static electricity by means of friction while brushing.

Besides removing static electricity, our anti-static conducting brush can also be used for adding a static charge. You can use it when you want materials to stick together for a period. Static electricity is often used in the printing industry to keep magazines together to bundle as a stack or to keep materials together during the laminating-process.

Anti Static Brushes

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