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As a manufacturer and distributor of innovative solutions, Daxten is at the forefront of promoting energy efficiency within the data centre. The company offers cutting edge cooling optimisation (CoolControl), power distribution and monitoring solutions which improve the resource efficiency and reliability of the data centre. Daxten is headquartered in London and Berlin. For further information, please visit www.daxten.com/uk





  • CoolControl Data Centre Cooling Assessment
  • CoolControl Cold Aisle Containment or Hot Aisle Containment
  • CoolControl Blanking Panels
  • CoolControl Seals
  • CoolControl Airflow Baffles
  • CoolControl Airflow Floor Tiles



  • Centralised and Wire-free Power & Environmental Monitoring
  • Leak Detection and Monitoring
  • DCIM Management, Monitoring & Visualisation
  • Control Access to Racks



  • Structural Suspended Ceiling and Modular Raised Floors
  • Transport and install heavy IT equipment in the data centre easily


Highly efficient solutions for power distribution and management

Daxten provides comprehensive power solutions to optimise resources, energy usage and efficiency in your data centre while ensuring reliable and flexible power supply at room, rack and IT equipment level.

Busbar Power

Power Distribution via Track Busbar

Maximum availability, flexibility and reliability for the electrification of server cabinets

In mission critical DC environments the reliability and availability of the productive IT hardware are the pillars of success. Modular, scalable and redundant power distribution is essential to achieve TIER I to IV classification. STARLINE track busway provides reliable 100, 225, 250, 400 and 800 amp busbar that can be installed overhead or under the raised floor. Mounting power tap offs takes only a few seconds by inserting the twist-and-lock plug into the busbar and rotating it 90 degrees at any location along the track. Power cables can then be connected directly to the tap offs allowing for immediate power to new racks.


Cabinet Power with intelligent PDUs

Reliable power supply for servers and network components at rack level

To power and monitor active hardware in data centre cabinets we offer iPDUs (intelligent PDUs) with outlet monitoring, various levels of security and fuse protection features. Depending on the model, the iPDUs are accessible via the serial port, TCP/IP, web browser or wirelessly and integrate power and monitoring functions. Together with vendor specific management applications or third party DCIM or BMS systems, there are limitless ways to manage, monitor and control power in the data centre.

Locking Power Cords

Secure Power to Device Connections for Prevention of downtime with dual sided IEC locking power cables

The zLock dual sided locking cables simply replace existing power cables. All connected IT devices are well protected against accidental and vibration disconnects and the resulting power supply disruptions, downtime and equipment damage.


Retrofit Redundancy for Single Power Devices with Micro Automatic Transfer Switches add fail-safe power to any IT component

Reliable power for network devices and servers is a vital part in ensuring uptime in any data centre. For IT equipment with single power supplies, the micro ATS is essential in creating redundancy by providing power from two different sources. Without transfer switches, any power interruption can cause failures and downtime. Not only does the μATS test the power supply, but also the incoming voltage. If incoming power is interrupted or if over or under voltage is detected, the source is switched from A to B preventing failures and keeping the IT equipment up and running.

Capacity Expansion via Micro Data Centres

Smallest and most cost-effective form factor for on demand DC expansion

Mobile and modular Micro Data Centres (MDC) from Elliptical Mobile Solutions are self-enclosed, rack based data centres with up to 42U space for integrating any type of IT equipment. Depending on the MDC model, a closed air or water cooling loop and optional free cooling capabilities are available. As the MDC form factor is smaller than containerised data centres, capacity can be extended only when needed and located in areas that cannot be converted into a full server room. This leads to dramatic cost-savings and faster installation time.



Best practices for airflow management and cooling optimisation

Achieving true 24/7/365 operation can prove to be an on-going struggle to ensure maximum reliability and availability of your data centre infrastructure. Doing so should use minimal resources, energy consumption and be as efficient as possible. Achieving the ambitious goals of increasing data centre efficiency and reducing your energy consumption is much easier than you may imagine. We would like to introduce you to our proven and recognised CoolControl best practice solutions. By implementing these purely mechanical tools in your existing or new data centre, it is possible to increase the cooling efficiency by up to 60 percent. The CoolControl range can be installed with minimal effort providing very short ROI periods. Furthermore, we are able to provide you with innovative and field-tested data centre essentials that ease your daily work load in your data centre environment.

CoolControl Data Centre Cooling Assessment

Metering, evaluation and targeted optimisation

You can only improve things that can be measured and visualised – and this data capture is what is behind the CoolControl Cooling Assessment. Whilst on-site, we can evaluate and log the current state of your data centre airflow and cooling effectiveness, identify thermal problems and show you how these can be solved easily and cost-effectively in order to set and achieve DC efficiency targets and goals. Our philosophy is to optimise what is already there. As a result, energy consumption decreases, whilst server density can be increased, hotspots reduce and can even be eliminated, hardware failure rates fall and the health of the data centre is improved. In many cases energy costs can be reduced by more than 50 percent with an ROI of between and 6-12 months.


CoolControl Containment

Soft, solid or hybrid cold and hot aisle containment

The containment of the cold or hot aisles is the undisputed top best practice in optimising the data centre. The simple separation of hot and cold air can achieve up to 30 percent energy savings whilst eliminating hot spots and reducing hardware failures. CoolControl Containment systems are provided in soft (with curtain), solid (with solid panels) or hybrid (with a combination of soft and solid) materials for seamless integration even in legacy data centres with differing cabinet dimensions or existing fire suppression systems.

CoolControl Blanking Panels

The fastest and least expensive way to optimise airflow and cooled air distribution in cabinets is by simply sealing free horizontal and vertical rack space with Daxten CoolControl Blanking Panels. The physical barrier keeps cold air at the front of the cabinet separated from the hot air at the back. This simple step not only ensures conditioned air is delivered to servers and network equipment, but helps prevent hot spots and downtime caused by overheating. The low costs and energy savings lead to a quick ROI in normally less than three months. According to Gartner the use of blanking panels allows for a passive decrease in supply air temperature of up to 5.6 degrees Celsius.

CoolControl Seals

Sealing cable openings in the raised floor

In addition to the required and essential perforated floor tile openings in the raised floor, there are often other openings for cabling and power supplies. According to the Uptime Institute, up to 60 percent of conditioned air escapes before it reaches the hardware it was meant to cool. It is very easy to solve this problem by using cost-effective and easy to install sealing solutions. Our CoolControl Seal and KoldLok systems can seal any rectangular or round cut-out. There are various options made of foamed nitrile rubber panels, solid frames with brushes and thermo elastic polymers that seamlessly enclose cables and other equipment protruding through the raised floor. Many of which have a Class O rating. All sealing solutions are available for existing or new raised floor and cabling infrastructures.

CoolControl Airflow Baffles

Guide airflow under the raised floor

Even under the raised floor, it is important to guide the conditioned air to the server racks. By directing the airflow, cooled air cannot escape into unused areas in the raised floor and decrease air pressure. PlenaForm airflow baffles are mounted under the plenum to shorten flow chambers, increase air pressure and airflow velocity in order to reduce cooling load on the CRAC system which in turn can reduce the energy requirements and costs.

CoolControl Airflow Floor Tiles

Efficient airflow from the raised floor to all rack levels

To ensure conditioned air makes its way from the CRAC unit through the raised floor, to the cold aisle and finally to the front of the server racks, it is necessary to ensure optimal airflow conditions at all raised floor openings. Using conventional grilles or perforated tiles is not ideal as they are not able to direct the conditioned air with the required pressure and velocity to equally cool hardware at the top and bottom of the cabinets. Our CoolControl passive floor tiles are equipped with airflow fins and baffles that ensure cooled air is directed to all cabinet levels. The unique design of the tile means that they can also be deployed to counteract the effects of negative airflow. The tiles fin and baffle design reverses the effects of air being sucked under the floor which is particularly common in vented tiles located close to CRAC units.



Increase energy efficiency, physical security and optimise environmental conditions   

We offer you innovative and field-proven tools for monitoring power. By using these tools, you have access to all power parameters, energy consumption readings and PUE reports in real-time and at your fingertips. In addition to power monitoring, environmental monitoring and leak detection add temperature, humidity, air pressure, airflow and liquid sensor data sets to your data centre overview. To control, manage and visualise all the power and environmental assets and data, we also offer DCIM solutions that give you an overview of your data centre at a glance. Further we provide you with an intelligent, retrofittable locking-system to centrally control the access to racks. 

Centralised Power and Environmental Monitoring

Increase resource utilisation, reliability and improve efficiency though monitoring

For data centre and facility managers it is essential to ensure the most efficient usage of existing power and cooling capacities. To achieve optimal utilisation, regular monitoring of power and environmental parameters is critical. Monitoring data allows you to identify, analyse and resolve energy, thermal and reliability weaknesses while increasing the PUE in your data centre. Our comprehensive monitoring solutions enable you to centrally control and manage several hundred environmental sensors (e.g. for temperature, humidity, dew point and airflow) and energy parameters like Volts, Amperes, kW, kWh, kVA, phase angle and total current for any busway, cabinet, PDU, single IT device, branch circuit or panelboard. All data points are accessible via serial, TCP/IP, wireless connection or via remote software.

Leak Detection and Monitoring

Monitoring of mission critical areas prevents water leaks and damage

If liquids get into the sensitive areas of a data centre the result could cause system disruptions, unscheduled downtime or serious structural damage to the entire data centre infrastructure. Liquids are one of the primary causes of equipment and device failure, leading to costly corrective actions. Before a small leak can grow into a mission critical threat the water source must be located immediately in order to prevent any potential damage. This task is performed best by the SeaHawk leak detection system. It communicates and alerts via SNMP, Modbus, BACnet or N2. Model dependent, the solution can be integrated into a BMS or DCIM application.


DCIM Management, Monitoring & VisualisationComplete asset, load and capacity management for data centres

Data Centre Infrastructure Management solutions give you the graphical overview of your complete data centre infrastructure including power, cooling, asset and space capacity. You can proactively monitor and manage power and environmental conditions at the facility, server room, rack and single device level. In addition, components such as UPS, CRAC units, chillers and other DC equipment can also be included. Real-time status or trend reports for energy consumption, power usage effectiveness (PUE) and environmental parameters are clearly displayed in your customisable DCIM system.

Rack Door Locking

Control Access to Racks

Retrofittable locking-system for rack doors protects data and devices

A key role in the security of data centres is ensuring that racks are only accessed by authorised users. A silver bullet in protecting data from unauthorised access, manipulation, theft, and vandalism is the TZ SlideHandle. The intelligent locking system is easily retrofitted to single- or multi-point handles on rack doors. The locking status of each door is displayed directly on the handle via multi-coloured LEDs that are visible up to 30 metres away. Authorised users can be enabled to access the rack doors locally or as an option via various authentication processes, such as smart cards, RFID or biometric identification systems. In the event of a power outage, authorised users can use a manual multi-key override in order to access the racks. Expansion modules can be added onto each rack to record temperature, humidity, as well as water contact.


Essential tools and solutions that make the day to day work in the data centre safe and efficient

Our Data Centre essentials offer products, solutions and services that facilitate the setup, installation, configuration, operation and commissioning of data centre environments. In addition the management and expansion of data centres can be optimised making them more secure, more efficient and more economical.

Structural Suspended Ceiling and Modular Raised Floors

Maximum flexibilty for your data centre infrastructure

Whether planning a new or expanding an existing data centre, it is essential to source the safest, most flexible and cost-effective raised floor and over-head infrastructure. Making the right decision will define the strategy and operational life of the whole data centre, future proofing it for years to come. The use of innovative modular raised floors and load bearing ceiling solutions will give you the maximum flexibility to reconfigure your data centre infrastructure in accordance with your ongoing requirements – saving you time, material and labour costs.

Server Lift

Transport and install heavy IT equipment in the data centre easily. Lifting and installing heavy IT-equipment to any height within the racks

Installing heavy IT-equipment in the upper levels of racks is not only physically taxing, but it also poses major risks to the well-being of IT-personnel, as well as potential damage to the hardware. The ServerLIFT provides a solution to this problem. It is capable of lifting and transporting equipment weighing up to 453 kg to a maximum height of 2.66 metres with pinpoint accuracy. The ServerLIFT has optional add-on accessories such as platform risers (lifts equipment up to 3m), lift extensions for lifting loads vertically out of packaging and transport boxes as well as a tilting platform accessory to aid server installation.

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