DB-Automation Limited (Premier Bowl Feeders Limited)

Premier Bowlfeeders have been producing feeding systems & automation equipment for over 20 years. We offer a comprehensive range of bowlfeeders and associated equipment tailored to suit customers individual requirements. This is complimented by total liaison throughout your project, thus ensuring complete compatibility of all equipment 

Feeders & Other Products

Bowl Feeders 

A comprehensive range of drive units and bowl tops, tooled in stainless steel, custom built to suit your requirements for feed rates and orientation 

Linear Feeders 

A range of linear drives to suit a variety of track lengths & weights  

Complete Feed systems 

feeding equipment mounted on stands, baseplates, with metering units or end nests to suit your equipment  

Gravity tracks

Designed to suit your application


Keep your bowl filled to the optimum level

Bowlfeeder controls & sensors

A range of controllers & sensors to suit all applications

Counting systems

Reliably get the correct quantity of product for your application

Existing equipment

Servicing, repair or retool of existing equipment from any manufacturer


We can reline or recoat bowls in a wide variety of materials

Acoustic enclosures

Where you have noisy components, You can substancially reduce noise levels

After sales

As a company we stand for quality & reliability, with an after sales service second to none

Vibratory Bowl Feeders

A 600mm diameter bowlfeeder to feed a plastic spacer.

Vibratory Bowl Feeders

Bowl Feeder Repair & Servicing

A 600 mm diameter bowl feeding a 200mm long screw type component, this bowl has a heavy duty polyurethane coating.

Bowl Feeder Repair & Servicing

Linear Feeders

A bowl and linear feeder all mounted on a baseplate ready for installation on a customers machine

Linear Feeders

Bulk Hoppers

An example of a bulk storagae hopper, to keep the quantity of components in the bowl to an optimum level.

Bulk Hoppers

Bowl Feeder Controllers

A 450 mm diameter bowlfeeder tooled to separate a plastic moulding from the sprue, the components are loaded directly from the moulding machine via a conveyor.

Bowl Feeder Controllers

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