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Since 1960 we have helped our clients create the products and services that people value every day. Today we are one of Europe's leading product design and development consultancies.

Our services include:

  • Applied product research and planning
  • Design strategy
  • Industrial design
  • Interaction design
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electronic hardware and software engineering
  • Usability
  • Ergonomics
  • Prototyping
  • Production support

Strategic Support

Our services are continually being tailored and refined to help our clients deliver innovative products with the highest probability of success.  

Most projects will involve services spanning all four of our key areas of operation: direction, robustness, delivery and creativity. But each project will present a unique set of challenges requiring a bespoke combination of these services. 

  • Strategic support
  • Design research
  • Industrial design
  • Usability and ergonomics
  • Interaction design
  • Engineering
  • Electronics and software
  • Prototyping
Strategic Support

Design Research

alled Who inspires your new product and service development? Design research provides a unifying framework for your product strategy through an understanding of people, culture and change.

Our informed, intelligent approach to design research combines anthropology, sociology, and design to help organisations focus, reframe and act on what customer’s really value, moving beyond industry assumptions. Our research team is an integrated part of the creative and product development process. 

We can help you with:
Design Research

Industrial Design

Who are you designing for? How will this person emotionally connect with your product? Will the user experience meet expectation and build loyalty?

We believe industrial design should be informed and relevant. It should be highly creative and push what is technically possible. We achieve this by integrating the industrial design team with research and engineering disciplines and hiring designers who understand strategic context and are ruthless about the product detail.

We can help you with:
Industrial Design

Usability and Ergonomics

Is your new product intuitive to use and how does this change with different users? Our usability expertise draws on a strong understanding of cognitive psychology, physical assessment techniques and anthropometrics.
We produce simple, elegant solutions for your users that allow them to complete their tasks efficiently and effectively. We bring virtual product concepts to life in the form of prototypes, test rigs or block models that allow them to be investigated and understood in their contexts of use or in a controlled environment.

Our approaches range from user assessments and trials, to immersive contextual interactions. The techniques we use are tailored to each project and used as part of an iterative research process. They ensure that your design physically accommodates the relevant target users and is effective and safe to use.

  • Fitting and validation trials
  • Usability and Ergonomics

    Interaction Design

    Product functionality keeps increasing. There is a danger that interacting with them could also become more complex. We help to make the user's experience of interactive products, services and systems a simple, intuitive delight.

    Probably more than any other area in product development, interaction design requires a multidisciplinary approach. We apply ergonomics techniques to determine the user’s task lists and hierarchy of requirements. We combine user research and human factors methodologies to establish the best ways to overcome sub-conscious barriers between your users and your products. Our designers have extensive experience of user interface design, and they are supported throughout by technical input from our electronics team, who can implement the selected interface solution.


    Interaction Design


    Will your product’s technical innovation delight your customers and confound your competitors? Will it function correctly throughout its entire design life, under all specified conditions? Can it be made cost effectively and consistently?
    The size, creativity and experience of our engineering team sets DCA apart from our competitors. We build links with universities to recruit the very best and invest constantly in their training and development.

    Our large, talented engineering team works side-by-side with our other disciplines to deliver robust, commercially viable product innovation.

  • Supplier selection and volume production
  • Engineering

    Electronics and Software

    Since the early 1960s, DCA has believed that a true multidiscipline product design company needs a fully integrated electronics team. Whether you are looking for fresh ideas, have no electronics or software capability or simply need extra resource, we will have the experience you are looking for.
    DCA can support you with a range of bespoke electronic design and development services, including feasibility studies and concept demonstrators; detailed design and analysis work; and prototypes and manufacturing support.

    The team has a wealth of experience in developing products with on-board microprocessors, digital signal processing, embedded software, sensors and instrumentation along with communication systems, field bus solutions and different data collection and analysis systems.


  • Support services
  • Electronics and Software


    Prototyping is at the heart of our business. Since our foundation we have always had extensive workshop and prototyping facilities in the centre of our studios. This enables us to explore, test and iterate concepts at increasing levels of resolution. 

    Below are some of our specific prototyping services: 

  • Rapid prototyping
  • Prototyping

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