DDC Dolphin Ltd

DDC Dolphin is dedicated to excellence and innovation in dirty utility room design, and equipment manufacture, installation, testing and servicing.  We specialise in dirty utility rooms, in hospitals, hospices, care-homes and special needs schools.  Twenty years of experience allows us to provide comprehensive and meaningful advice and support throughout planning, design, and specification processes for new or existing facilities around the world.  Our industry-leading technology, such as our newly patented hands-free equipment and microbesafe surfaces, allow us to tailor solutions to your requirements and enable you to comply or exceed infection control standards.

We focus exclusively on the design of effective and hygienic dirty utility rooms and the manufacture, installation and servicing of state of the art products to suit, including:

  • Panamatic Bedpan washer disinfectors
  • Incomatic Incontinence waste macerators
  • Pulpmatic Pulp macerators
  • Hygenex sluice room sanitaryware and consumables

We are looking for distributors around the World.

HTM Testing

HTM Testing
HTM 20 30 / 01 01 validation is the core of the washer disinfector service and maintenance programme that DDC Dolphin provides regularly to hospitals across the nation. Our team of validation engineers are trained and accredited by Eastwood Park (NHS Training Centre), subject to regular re-certification, and are equipped with the very latest HTM20 30 / 01 01 testing equipment.

Care Home and Hospital Equipment

Washer Disinfectors: DDC Dolphin brings a new generation of front and top-loading washer disinfectors to the market. Designed to empty, wash and disinfect human waste containers such as bedpans, commode pots and urine bottles.

Pulp Product Disposal Macerators: DDC Dolphin have recently launched their improved range of Pulpmatic Pulp Product Disposal Macerators, the Pulpmatic Ultima, Eco and Uno.

Clinical Waste Disposal Macerators: DDC Dolphin's Incomatic range of Macerators offer a convenient and hygienic means of disposing of incontinence waste.

Hygenex Stainless Steel: DDC Dolphin supply a wide range of high quality support equipment for Sluice Rooms and dirty utility. These come in standard sizes but can be tailored to individual needs and where appropriate are HTM 64 Compliant.

Hygenex Range of Consumables: The Hygenex range of consumable products aid in the disposal of waste hygienically and help in the fight against Healthcare Associated Infections.  The range includes pulp disposal products, antimicrobial pulp supports, antibacterial maceratable wipes, chemicals and hysorb absorbent gels.


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