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de Smit Medical Systems Ltd specialise in the supply of bladder scanners.

They stock a comprehensive range and offer a consultancy service to ensure their customers get the perfect bladder scanner for their application.

They have the knowledge and expertise to repair and refurbish units.

Bed Wetting Alarm

de Smit Medical offer a comprehensive range of bed wetting alarms. They can service and maintain bed wetting alarms to ensure they are working correctly and efficiently.

They can provide their customers with the necessary support and advice in selecting the correct bed wetting alarm for their application. This is all part of their customer consultancy service.

Bed Wetting Alarm

Continence Stimulators

de Smit Medical Systems Ltd are leading suppliers of continence stimulators. They can act as a company consultant to ensure their customer gets the help and advice they need for choosing the correct continence stimulators.

They offer a maintenance service to check that their customer's continence stimulators are fully operational.

Continence Stimulators

Anatomical Models

They offer a wide selection on anatomical models which can be used for a variety of purposes. Their range of anatomical models includes the following:

  • Catheterisation
  • Uterus
  • Composite Pelvis
  • Vertebral
  • and much more.
Anatomical Models

Biofeedback Equipment

de Smit Medical Systems Ltd are distributors of a range of biofeedback equipment.

They can also service and maintain biofeedback equipment to ensure they are functioning correctly.

They are able to export their biofeedback equipment to numerous countries.

Biofeedback Equipment

Women's health

They can supply a range of women's health products. These include:

  • Labour TENS
  • Mooncup menstrual cups
  • Stimulators
  • Biofeedback equipment
  • and Vaginal Dilators

For more information on any of their women's health products, please visit their website.

Women's health

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