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For your patio awnings, outdoor restaurant awnings, shop or commercial awning or domestic awning project, commercial blinds, hotel awnings, Victorian awnings, Markilux awnings, pub awnings, awnings for schools or awnings for your home we have, or will make, a blind, awning or canopy to fit your requirements and budget.

For three centuries, Deans has been a business name which is synonymous with Blinds and Awnings. The name says it all and we have been manufacturing and installing external Blinds and Awnings for customers since 1894! Whether you need patio awnings for your home, awnings for business, home awnings, school or a future design incorporating Deans Blinds and Awnings will have the right awning for you.   Manufactured in our 12000 square foot factory in Wandsworth quality is assured

Patio Awnings and Sunblinds for the Home

The terms "patio blinds" and "patio awnings" are generally interchangeable in common use when describing awnings for the home and the distinction between the two has become very vague. We have simply used the term patio awnings to describe all home awning and sun shade solutions.
For great value Deans patio awnings and patio sun blinds for the home Deans cannot be beaten - we manufacture many of our patio awnings right here in our Wandsworth factory.

Patio Awnings
Retractable patio awnings are generally purchased for reasons of providing shade to prevent furnishings fading or reduce the temperature of the home or patio awnings canprovide an outside entertaining area. Patio awnings can be of the flat sheet variety eg President patio awning , or traditional eg The Victorian patio awning or the canopy type eg The Dutch blind or canopy.

Pergola Style Awnings These are a relatively new innovation and Deans are proud to exclusively distribute the Pergotenda terrace awning, which is installed on its own attractive Pergola style timber frame. This awning is ideal for extending patio terraces or patio decks and is able to withstand up to Force 8 winds, presenting an opportunity to extend the outside dining entertaining season into those normally inclement months.

Commercial Awnings

Broadly speaking exterior sunblinds and awnings can be broken down into retractable or fixed types. The terms "blinds" and "awnings" are generally interchangeable in common use and the distinction between the two has become very vague. We have simply used the term awnings to describe all types.

Retractable awnings are generally purchased for reasons of providing shade for goods in the shop window known as shop blinds or butchers blinds or traditional awnings CPV code 44115700, to protect customers in outside eating areas. They can be of the flat sheet variety eg President, or traditional eg The Victorian traditional shop blind or the canopy type eg The Dutch blind.   Non Retractable
Non Retractable awnings are primarily used as decorative additions to buildings, often doubling up as three dimensional signs. However, most non retractable awnings are generically referred to as fixed canopies . Included in this category will be approach awnings which can be used to highlight an entrance or even be used as a covered walkway down stairs.   Pergola Style Awnings These are a new all weather innovative awning system and. Deans are proud to distribute the Pergotenda awning, which is installed on its own attractive Pergola style timber frame. This all weather awning is ideal for extending covered areas or terraces and is able to withstand up to Force 8 winds, presenting an opportunity to extend the outside dining season into those normally inclement months. An additional advantage of this all weather awning is that a separate covered smoking area can be created outside the fabric of the main building giveng the benefits of a smoking shelter. CPV Code 44115700

Restaurant and Pub Awnings

Deans have developed a range of pub awnings and restaurant awning solutions for every type of establishment, whether large or small.

From a simple small cafe awning to a complete pergola awning system with sides and front screens we are able to meet all budgets.

Portable wind-break screens may be specified and, if an awning is not possible, then one of our giant umbrellas may well be the answer.

As a smoking shelter the Pergotenda terrace awning can meet all current regulations.

Corporate Awnings and Branded Canopies

Deans have assisted numerous corporate clients with their on site corporate branding. A canopy or awning will not only provide protection from the elements it is also an extremely cost-effective form of three dimensional signage. Whether you want your awning to protect guests dining al fresco or act as a signpost to your products or services Deans have the solution

Canopies are easy to maintain and inexpensive to re brand. When changes occur there is no need to change the unit entirely but a new cover can transform and revitalise any corporate style.   Graphics are an essential part of the commercial canopy or awning and Deans in-house facilities extend from basic graphics, through digital processing to authentic, hand applied 24 carat gold leaf.   Installation may be fixed for maximum visual impact or mechanised, manually or electronically, to suit the requirements and sophistication of the particular requirement.   A National installation service is available and phased programs are frequently arranged for clients to fit in with their seasonal or budgetary needs.

Giant Umbrellas

Deans are accredited distributors for this remarkable range of commercial umbrellas. Available in round or square shapes from 3 metres up to a massive 7 metres across, these Giant Umbrellas are designed for use on out door eating areas where protection is required from sun or showers and where an al fresco atmosphere is to be created.

The frames are powder-coated white as standard and can be installed into lockable ground sockets or on to moveable, weighted stands, which are resistant up to wind loadings of 100 km/hr, depending on size and model. Umbrella covers are replaceable and are made from UV stabilised acrylate-coated polyester fabric providing waterproof and colourfast protection.   Graphics may be applied to the umbrellas making them admirably suited for use at corporate events or where on-site branding is needed.   Special options are also available, including integral lighting and heating, side screens and rain gutters

Smoking Shelters

For areas in public places which have a covered roof, whether retractable or not, 50% of the perimeter must be permanently open to the air.

Deans Restaurant and Pub Awnings are an excellent solution to the smoking shelter issues but it must be considered that conventional awnings such as that shown above are generally only rated up to Beaufort scale 3/4 which means that in windy conditions the awning must be retracted.

For more adverse weather use a system such as the Pergotenda Restaurant and Pub Awning from Deans should be specified - this is rated up to Beaufort scale 8 which is almost 50 Miles per hour.

Graphics for Awnings

Deans have their own in-house graphics department who combine modern technology with the traditional craft of hand sign writing and gold leaf application.

Graphics applied to commercial awnings and shop blinds extend the product from being a form of solar control and shelter into a 3-dimensional sign which will act as a beacon for old and new customers alike.

Automatic Awning Controls

Automatic controls which could not be imagined are now common place and their use on sunblinds and shutters is no exception.

Automation can be specified to respond to a number of stimuli:
 Try pressing the controls 
  1. Solar control, where the device operates automatically when a certain degree of light is received by the sensor. This is especially useful where sunblinds are specified to prevent furnishings or stock fading as the blind will operate even when no one is present.
  2. Timers may be specified.
  3. An anemometer (wind speed sensor) is always fitted when timer or sun sensors are used in order that the blind is retracted in windy conditions that otherwise could result in damage.
  4. Deans can design command controls to operate combinations of units to operate together, or in groups and can de-activate other control units, such as timers or other sensors according to a customer's requirements.

Commercial Blinds for Interior Use

Manufacturer and installer of Commercial blinds for interiors and solar control. Products include: roller blinds, venetian blinds,pleated blinds, blackout blinds, louvre blinds, vertical blinds. Flame retardant materials for schools, hospitals and offices.

Pleated Conservatory Blinds for the Home

When choosing the right pleated conservatory blind system Deans selected the Louvolite Perfect Fit conservatory blind. Perfect Fit is unique. A window blind installation system for double glazed windows and doors that allows our skilled team to manufacture conservatory blinds which can be installed quickly and neatly in the sealed window frame or door. No drilling or screwing is required and the Perfect Fit conservatory blinds can be installed quickly and neatly with no drilling. The Perfect Fit operating system is used on pleated conservatory blinds wherever possible, though in some instances, it may be necessary to use more traditional methods of installation especially where older conservatories are concerned.


Woodweave Conservatory Blinds for the Home

Often conservatories require a screening method which fits more natural surroundings in a way that is not easily achieved with modern window furnishings. Deans natural weave conservatory blinds utilise wood from sustainable forests around the world which are woven into beautiful designs that operate as Roman style conservatory blinds. This sort of window treatment for conservatories is very traditional and can be a stylish addition to a Victorian conservatory. All Deans conservatory blinds are installed by our trained installers who care about ensuring our customers are delighted with their conservatory blind installation.



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