Definitive Test Automation


We offer our customers a bespoke Design service for automated system solutions, from single PC based applications through remotely deployable embedded systems, to large industrial automated platforms.

Systems include: -

Automated Test Platforms to test Electronic sub assemblies
Component inspection for post production
Systems to assist with product Design, Development & Characterisation
Plus Automated Systems for almost any conceivable purpose

Design Philosophy

Our philosophy is to deliver efficient solutions; with the highest quality & the shortest timescales, all at an affordable cost.

We do this by selecting the best combination of bespoke electronics design & off the shelf hardware for system integration, while employing the use of our ever growing software library to help rapidly develop our applications.

Design Philosophy


DTA are expert users of LabVIEW, a graphical software package widely used in our solutions.  Some architectures we use include; DAQmx, IMAQ, FPGA/PCI, RF Modulation, High-speed digital, PID, Datasocket/OPC, DSP & Advanced data-flow.

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