Definitive Test Automation


We offer our customers a bespoke Design service for automated system solutions, from single PC based applications through remotely deployable embedded systems, to large industrial automated platforms.

Systems include: -

Automated Test Platforms to test Electronic sub assemblies
Component inspection for post production
Systems to assist with product Design, Development & Characterisation
Plus Automated Systems for almost any conceivable purpose

Design Philosophy

Our philosophy is to deliver efficient solutions; with the highest quality & the shortest timescales, all at an affordable cost.

We do this by selecting the best combination of bespoke electronics design & off the shelf hardware for system integration, while employing the use of our ever growing software library to help rapidly develop our applications.


DTA are expert users of LabVIEW, a graphical software package widely used in our solutions.  Some architectures we use include; DAQmx, IMAQ, FPGA/PCI, RF Modulation, High-speed digital, PID, Datasocket/OPC, DSP & Advanced data-flow.

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