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Delstar International is a leading specialist manufacturer of polyurethane films, polymeric nets, polyurethane foams and adhesive tapes. We supply manufacturers and converters with product in bulk roll or slit reel format. We are dedicated to delivering innovative solutions to the medical, wound care, first aid and many industrial sectors. Our products feature in many globally-branded products and we work with our clients intelligently, to give world-class results in product development.

Polyurethane Films

We specialise in polyurethane films and are an industry leader in films from micro-thin, breathable membranes to strong, protective coatings. Our films are made from a wide range of resins and additives, while keeping in mind your processing needs. There are adhesive coating facilities and additional downstream processing available. All films can be corona treated on-line. With direct lamination and slitting facilities also available, the process is truly flexible.

  • Breathable transparent polyurethane film containing filmic carrier with A8 adhesive, or on high quality paper carrier
  • Breathable polyurethane film on paper carrier containing silver antimicrobial additive or beige coloured breathable
  • Transparent scrim-reinforced polyurethane film with high tack acrylic or scrim-reinforced polyurethane film on paper carrier
  • Polyurethane blend, breathable, embossed film with A8 adhesive or A16 adhesive
  • EU28 film with tighter release from carrier

We provide customers with high-quality advice, products and support.

Polyurethane Films

Lamination Films

Further to polyurethane films, we also specialise in lamination films.


Some product examples used in the medical, first aid and protection markets include:

  • White pad, 75% viscose/25% polyolefin, laminated to CB21 low adherent wound contact net
  • Brown pad, 100% viscose spunlace laminated to CB21 low adherent wound contact net
  • White pad, 100% viscose combined with CB15 low adherent wound contact net on one side

For more information on lamination films, visit our website.


Lamination Films

Polymer Technology

We are extremely proud to be a quality-assured producer with over 30 years of manufacturing experience of extruded films, tapes, apertured meshes and nets.

We provide polymer technology solutions. Our experience and skill at delivering innovative and creative solutions in intelligent polymer technology provide a highly flexible approach to satisfying customer needs.

We are committed to maintaining quality and satisfying customer needs at the highest levels and are accredited to ISO 9001:2000.

Polymer Technology

Medical Tapes

Our medical tapes are made from a range of resins and additives, providing a variety of substrates and adhesive coatings to suit your needs.

A few product examples used in medical applications include:

  • Double side adhesive coated non woven tissue medical tape (DR62 Latex free)
  • A polyester non woven fabric, coated on one side with EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate), and on the reverse side with a medical grade acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive
  • Cast transparent polyurethane film on paper carrier coated with acrylic adhesive and with paper liner

 Please have a look at our dedicated list of tapes in our product section.

Medical Tapes

Breathable Films

We pioneered the bi-axial net manufacturing process as well as the development of the world’s first breathable films. These breathable films are for woundcare products and gained the Queen’s Award for Innovation for breathable IV films.

Some of our products we offer include:

  • Breathable polyurethane film containing silver antimicrobial additive on heavyweight paper carrier
  • Polyurethane blend, breathable, embossed film with A16 adhesive
  • Breathable transparent polyurethane film on paper carrier

We operate dynamic partnering with product development agencies and manufacturers, the results of this are evident in hugely successful brands and products in use around the globe. We give you our assurance of delivering consistently high quality products in the long-term.

Breathable Films

Polypropylene Nets

We have a wide range of polypropylene nets used in the filtration, medical, media backing/support, pleat support, automotive and interlining markets.

Some examples of the products we offer include:

  • A polypropylene coarse square structure net
  • A polypropylene fine square structure net
  • A polypropylene square net with a polyethylene bonding layer

We continue to invent and develop unique and innovative materials and applications. Dynamic partnering with product development agencies and manufacturers are in evidence in hugely successful brands and products.

Polypropylene Nets

Waterproof Film

Our vast products and manufacturing services cover many solutions and requirements such as the supply of waterproof film.

As well as waterproof film, our services also cover:

  • TPU film
  • PU film
  • Breathable film
  • Polyurethane film
Waterproof Film

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