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DELTA CLIMATE CONTROL also trading as DELTA REFRIGERATION & AIR CONDITIONING has over 30 years experience supplying , heat pumps, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment. Delta are based near Carlisle and Norwich but cover the whole of the UK including Norfolk, Yorkshire, Cheshire, Suffolk, Essex, Lancashire. Midlands, Scotland etc etc..   

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Delta Climate Control supply Eco Friendly climate control systems to all types of premises just like yours; Offices, Hotels, Restaurants, Village Halls, Breweries, Clubs and Homes at extremely competitive prices. From environmentally friendly Heat Pumps and Solar Panels to Wood Pellet Stoves & Boilers  our products will save you money on energy costs and be kinder to the environment.

Recently appointed an approved Mitsubishi Ecodan installer and Daikin Altherma installer this has helped our domestic side of the business to increase dramatically. We are also an approved stockist of Marstair and Fujitsu air conditioning systems.

Most products exceed an 'A+A' rating for energy efficiency saving you money.

Our Qualitair range of Cellar Cooling Systems and Mitsubishi Heat Pumps  are ECA approved through the Carbon Trust giving you extra tax benefits.

Plus our unique 36 month parts and labour warranty for peace of mind. Delta supply and install nationwide at the best prices to breweries, pub co's and free houses.

With offices in Carlisle, Lockerbie Glasgow, Norwich & Dumfries and mobile engineers throughout the country Delta are ideal for prompt refrigeration & air conditioning service throughout England, Wales and South Scotland.

Air Conditioning Heat Pump Units supplied and installed in the following brands, with a 3 year warranty: Mitsubishi NOW available with market leading 10 year warranty

  • Daikin Altherma
  • Mitsubishi Air Conditioning
  • Fujitsu
  • Artel
  • LG Aircon
  • Hitachi
  • Marstair (TEV ltd)

Contact Delta Climate Control to see how they will save you money on your heating bills no matter what type of property you have.  There is a system suitable for any property.

National Sales Centre Lockerbie 01576 300531

Regional Offices 

Carlisle 01228 830020

Dumfries 01387 800672  

Norwich 01603 340094

Heat pumps - the best kept secret of the heating industry! 
Heat pumps work by taking energy from the air outside and converting it into heat for your premises, because no matter how cold it appears outside you’d be surprised at just how much energy there is to be captured from the air!    

Why choose a heat pump?
Heat pumps are incredibly energy efficient, put simply a heat pump gives you free energy of up to 4 times the amount you put in and because they are so energy efficient they save you money.  A heat pump doesn’t burn fuel so it’s safer and cleaner to run and it gives a uniform temperature throughout a building.   Heat pumps don’t dry out the air the way traditional heaters do, and the higher humidity maintained by heat pumps during cold weather provides healthier environment. And because heat pumps are used year round for cooling as well as heating needs, they cost less per hour of use than individual heating and cooling systems.

Air Conditioning

Specials for Listed Buildings, Conservatories, caravans and timber log cabins.

Delta are specialists with nationwide installations carried out by our own refrigeration engineers who all have the latest C&G 2079 F gas qualification.


Call Delta Climate Control on 01576 300531

Air Conditioning

Refrigeration and Catering Equipment

Custom Built Refrigerated Cold Room

Do you have an odd shaped room or require a walk in Cold Room to your Specification?

Delta Refrigeration have the answer....We can build you any size of walk in fridge or freezer cold room to your requirements, whether for a luxury home, butchers, florists, hotel, grocers or supermarket.
What you want you can have!
For florists we manufacture cold rooms with humidity control and double glazed doors for a fantastic visual impact.
Hotels and pubs have a more efficient and organized kitchen with walk in cold rooms, all the product is easy to see and stock control is better.
For a luxury home you can specify marble or granite floors etc.
Animal food businesses  use  walk in cold rooms for storing meats, ideal for dog breeders etc.
Cold rooms suitable for food production using fork lift trucks in warehouses.   Our custom built cold room stores are not expensive, in fact there is little difference between these rooms and other companies standard off the shelf rooms apart from Delta Refrigerations high quality products and service.
We also only use the latest energy efficient quiet refrigeration condensing units, ideal for noise sensitive areas.
  Call us for help and advice for your application from our team of experienced engineers.
Lockerbie 01576 300531 (National Sales Centre)
   Glasgow 0141 2800234     Carlisle 01228 830020   Norwich 01603 340094
Refrigeration and Catering Equipment

Beer Cellar Cooling

Delta Climate Control offer you reliable beer and wine cellar cooling refrigeration equipment complete with low running costs and a long operational life. Whether you run a hotel, bar, pub, leisure facility or club we have a cooling system to make your pint Perfect Every Time.

As ‘Specialists’ to the licensed trade for over 15 years Delta know exactly what you require from beer cooling systems and the type of service you expect from your refrigeration company. Delta are able to satisfy these beer cooling requirements as we have mobile engineers covering England, Wales and Scotland for installation of new beer cooling systems as well as prompt response to refrigeration maintenance and service. Delta supply many breweries and pub chains throughout the UK.   For Further Information on our Cellar Cooling Equipment CLICK HERE
Beer Cellar Cooling

Mitsubishi Air Source HEAT PUMPS (fully controllable & 500% efficient heating!)

Currently the popular unit in our Ecodan range is the W85 which is proving ideal for use in both newly built homes and existing homes too. Able to work at variable capacities between 3kW and 9kW the W85 offers the widest scope to cater for the majority of applications

Also available is the 5kW and 14kW Mitsubishi Ecodan air to water heat pump system together with a wide range of domestic hot water cylinders, vented and unvented.

Mitsubishi Air Source HEAT PUMPS (fully controllable & 500% efficient heating!)

ICE Machine Rental (also new & used machines)

New Whirlpool K20 or iCube Ice Machine with the following benefits. (price is 3 months rental in advance plus first months payment)

  • Short term rental
  • No repair bills..ever
  • Priority service
  • Freephone service line
  • Fixed monthly payment
  • Replacement machine if we can't repair at first visit
  • Free annual service worth £84
  • 5% discount on any product we sell
ICE Machine Rental (also new & used machines)

Ground Source Heat Pumps (suitable for much larger premises ie schools/hospitals)

All heat pumps from Delta Climate Control are A+A rated for energy efficiency saving you money and the planet of harm full carbon emissions.

Every system supplied by Delta is quiet in operation and many are inverter driven, this means the compressor and fans are variable speed and therefore the power consumption is variable too, but always low!

Picture shows a village hall with three Mitsubishi heat pump systems. This hall is for the first time experiencing an evenly warm hall in the winter!

Ground Source Heat Pumps (suitable for much larger premises ie schools/hospitals)

Solar Thermal Panels Water Heating

Delta Climate Control based near Lockerbie, Glasgow, Norwich and Carlisle supply British Grant solar panels for installation by ourselves, builders, plumbers or on a DIY basis. This price shown is for two panels with complete kit as shown in the details below fully installed to your existing suitable hot water cylinder.  A twin coil unvented hot water cylinder is required for solar panel installation, prices from around £1190.

For DIY and trade enquiries please contact us.
Panel kits are available for flat roof or tiled and slated roofs.

Solar Thermal Panels Water Heating

Photovoltaic PV Panels

With a Grant Photovoltaic PV panel system you can generate electricity and export it to the national grid. This will provide payment to you or you can use the power in your own home. 

For further information see the Grant PV Panel Questions and Answers Grant PV
Photovoltaic PV Panels

Efficient Underfloor Heating

Buy direct from the U.K supplier and installer, Delta Climate Control, and save £££s.

At Delta we provide you with only energy efficient heat pump systems for air or water heating and radiator and underfloor heating.
All of the heat pump units we supply and install are "A' rated or equivalent for energy consumption, more efficient than a gas condensing boiler!   For Further Information CLICK HERE
Efficient Underfloor Heating

Wood PELLET Stoves & Boilers, Italian designed (wood burners)

A Real Fire Without the Fuss..

Italian manufacturer Artels 16 kw pellet central heating boiler not only heats the domestic hot water and radiator or underfloor heating water, but is a room heater too. 
With fan assistance for quick heating of the room plus a real fire to see this is one boiler that is different to all the rest.   Heats your home more efficiently than oil or LPG and is also nice to look at virtually cabon neutral too.
Plus it works by remote control or from the top mounted electronic control pad you can set its temperature and program the time clock just like any other central heating boiler.

Ideal for replacing your existing oil or lpg heating boiler or simply as a new boiler for a new build.  Ideal for barn conversions as they serve the purpose of a full heating system plus a great focal point just like a wood burner.
These are straightforward for your local heating engineer/plumber to install. They require an insulated flue of 80mm which is widely available.
The 14kw output is ideal for a typical 3  to 4 bedroom home. 

Wood PELLET Stoves & Boilers, Italian designed (wood burners)


For Further Information CLICK HERE


Photovoltaic pv panels

Photovoltaic Electricity Panels
Changing the UK.... with Free Electricity
FREE electricity and get paid from the Government, for 25 years.
PhotoVoltaic Panels
Price £8085 fully installed

Through Eco Solutions Consultancy you can buy a 2.5kW output array of panels mcs accredited complete with installation throughout the UK. This is for 10 x 250 Watt panels (or equivalent output), the inverter and full installation. There are 10 panels in the photo offering 2.5kW and this size system would cost £8085 installed.
Probably the most competitive price for pv in the UK! Eco Solutions Consultancy operate from Lockerbie in Scotland and Norwich in England to cover your area using their own PV installers.
Run your heat pump virtually for free using these panels, and what you don't use can be sold to the national grid automatically.
We can supply any size of pv panel system from 4 panels generating up to 1kW to 4kW for homes and businesses accross the UK, also suitable for village halls, schools, churches, farm buildings etc. Also systems for flat roofs or freestanding if your roof is not suitable.
Ask us for details call today on 01576 300531
The sun is an immense source of energy, radiating more energy onto the surface of the earth every hour, than man uses in a whole year. Solar photovoltaic cells convert energy from the sun into electricity. Cells can be combined together to produce enough electricity to meet virtually any demand. Solar panels should ideally be installed on a south facing roof, or as close to south as possible, they should be positioned such that they are at no time shaded by trees, or other objects. If you don't like the idea of having a conspicuous panel on the roof, several manufacturers now produce solar roof tiles, as an alternative to panels, which are installed in a similar fashion to normal roof tiles, and are seamlessly integrated into the roof. Domestic solar panels are now generally grid connected, so at times when the electricity is not needed, it will feed back into the grid, and your electricity meter will start running backwards! The output of solar panels is direct current, so if the panel is grid connected, it needs to be passed through an inverter to converted the supply to the 240v AC supply used by the grid.


Photovoltaic pv panels

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