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For over 20 years we have prided ourselves in offering outstanding service as a unique and dedicated distributor supplying electronic components and printed circuit boards to the global electronics marketplace.

As part of a highly successful group of companies with annual sales in excess of £45 million, we are able to offer our customers real advantages in terms of purchasing leverage and global infrastructure, resulting in long-term partnerships.

Our understanding of the unique challenges surrounding supply chain management in this fast moving market provides us with the ability required to tailor the exact solution to match customer needs, a service not readily delivered by others. By profiling demand and making sure that robust material replenishment solutions are in place we ensure our customers maintain a smooth manufacturing process.

Printed Circuit Boards

Delta Impact is a quality supplier of all types of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). With 15 years experience sourcing from Asia we supply all types of PCB including single sided, double sided, multi-layer, flexible and HDI (High Density Interconnect) boards.

The Delta Cost Advantage for PCBs includes:

  • Lower prices for our customers by selecting the best fit factory for each technology and volume required
  • Very competitive pricing on small volume and fast lead-time requirements
  • Cost saving for our customers through lower import freight costs achieved by leveraging considerable Group spend
  • Cost saving and service benefit for customers with our ability to buffer or consign stock
  • Cost benefit as we don't need to inflate prices to our customers on imported PCBs to subsidise an under utilised European PCB factory which many of our competitors do!

The Delta Service Advantage for PCBs includes:

  • Technologies from single sided through to 36 layers catered for
  • Fast turn lead times available – PCBs produced as quickly as 24 hours
  • Standard production lead times from 7 working days, delivered from Asia to European customers in just 10 working days
  • More than 85% of RFQ's quoted within 24 hours
  • UK based engineering team for data handling and technical support
  • Finished product quality inspection and in house vacuum sealing facility
  • Unique supply chain and inventory management solutions tailored specifically to customer demand profiles

With a well established pedigree and proven track record in supply chain logistics, Delta Impact is consistently helping its customers streamline their production and deliver real competitive advantage.

Printed Circuit Boards

Supply Chain Services

Our supply chain model includes a number of key components of a supply chain that we address when building an effective solution. These are sourcing, logistics, inventory management and replenishment, product enhancement, packaging and distribution. Our dedicated supply chain services address the process as a whole which allows us to maximise productivity, improve the speed of integration, mitigate risk and lower the total cost of ownership.

We take complete ownership of managing the supply chain for our customers. Cost of supply is not just about product cost, but also the delivery performance, the indirect costs of stocking and storing, handling and transportation.

Through analysing each customers individual needs we can then implement the most cost effective supply technique such as multi-bin kanban systems, consignment stock programs, line side or local hub stocks, and kitting services.

Our ethos remains focused on a total solution to our customer and not just the cheapest part. Central to our success is the ability to effectively design a pull based replenishment system so that product supply is directly linked to demand and optimum levels of inventory can be maintained in the supply chain. We don’t stop there though; all procedures that are put in place are continually reviewed in order to measure ongoing performance.

Supply Chain Services

Complete Purchased Solutions

The electronics supply chain can often be a complex one especially for small to medium sized OEMs and EMS providers. In our experience, companies with a lower electronic commodity spend are often not able to maximise the leverage they have which often results in an unnecessarily wide vendor base and higher material costs due to spend being diluted. Other adverse conditions include long lead-times, high inventory levels, poor service from suppliers that see you as a ‘small’ customer and a real challenge in managing a high maintenance dynamic commodity.

Our approach is to work with these small to medium sized businesses to streamline and consolidate purchasing leverage through one focused source. We offer direct cost reduction through enhanced buying power combined with indirect cost advantages through controlled management of the supply chain.

By aligning with us and our best practice supply chain management techniques, our customers ensure that they benefit from streamlined supply chain to reduce complexity, lowest material cost, single source for electronic commodity, reduced “hidden” costs of acquisition, up to 100% vendor reduction and competitive advantage in your market

Complete Purchased Solutions

Vendor Tail Management

In our experience it is not just the small or medium sized business that struggles with effectively managing their supply chains. Very often large OEMs find themselves with a myriad of suppliers or perhaps a logistical headache brought on by a transition to a new geographical location.

It is not uncommon to see large OEM organisations with ‘Pareto’s Law’ in evidence. Typically 80% of the material value required will be sourced from just 20% of their supplier base.

It is usual for purchasing strategy to reduce material cost year on year, by working closely with the largest suppliers and focusing on the 80% of the material spend. We have been very successful at assisting this strategy by reducing acquisition costs and the number of vendors at the opposite end of the supply chain. This 20% of materials spend will be with a “tail” of smaller non-strategic suppliers.

Our solution of consolidating this tail means that our customers benefit from streamlined supply chain to reduce complexity, lowest material cost through leveraging this 20% of your spend, conversion of your supply chain to only strategic partners, reduced ‘hidden’ costs of acquisition, up to 80% vendor reduction, working with a partner that can match and improve upon the operational and service criteria achieved with your current major suppliers

Vendor Tail Management

Global Sourcing

Reducing your costs without compromising quality has always been the cornerstone of our philosophy. Our in-depth knowledge of the global market place allows us to analyse your Bill of Materials (BOM) and source only the best components for your requirements in terms of quality and price. We are able to source recognised brands as well as alternative, lesser known, developing quality brands, enabling huge flexibility and greater choice.

The sole aim is to make it easy for you to enjoy the benefits of global sourcing. By taking the time to understand your needs we can be sure that the right product solution is sourced. The scope of our expertise extends across all electronic commodities, please see our product range page for more detailed information, and with long established Asian manufacturer direct relationships and strong group purchasing power you can be sure that we can meet your specific supply chain needs.

Global Sourcing


Our product range is one of the largest in the industry and with over 250 manufacturer direct supplier relationships, and our in house commercial and technical teams, we have the skill and flexibility to source the right product in terms of cost, quality and lead-time based on customer needs.

We supply a full range of materials used in electronic product manufacturing processes and below is a sample of product types that we have extensive expertise and purchasing leverage with;

Printed Circuit Boards – A full range of technologies, from proto-type to high volume batch size and with lead-times to suit all requirements. Read more

Connectors – A complete range of connectors including terminal blocks, terminals, headers, sockets, PCB inter-connect, audio/video, coax, power, signal/data, DIN rail, IDC, and many more.


Electro-mechanical Components

Electro-mechanical components – Our range of products include batteries, acoustic/buzzers, cable and cable harnesses, relays, switches, transformers, coils, fans, heatsinks, keypads, motors and many more.

Passive Components

Passive components – A full range of passives including capacitors, resistors, crystals, resonators, filters, inductors/chokes, fuses, potentiometers, surge arrestors to name a few.

Active Components

Active components – Our complete semiconductor portfolio encompasses amplifiers, discretes, drivers and interface to LED's, logic/linear, memory, microcontrollers, processors, RF, signal and many more.

Peripheral components

Peripheral components – A range of LCD's, PSU's, enclosures and hardware.

We constantly review our portfolio of products with many new lines added each quarter so please contact us for the latest technologies available.

Case Studies

Our experience in supply chain management allows us to tailor the exact solution to match customer needs, a service not readily delivered by others. This page contains some specific examples of work we have done, highlighting how we have helped to streamline their operations and improve efficiency and profitability.

A breath of fresh air
Leading UK manufacturer of breath alcohol meters turns to Delta Impact to consolidate its supplier base over a phased supply chain management process… Read the full case study

Heading East
Automation and control solutions giant, Honeywell, appoints Delta Impact to help with its transfer of manufacturing from Europe to China in order to save costs… Read the full case study

Case Studies

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