The DELTA LINE organization, in order to keep up with progress and market demand has created a pan European sales / technical support network with offices in the main European countries.

DELTA LINE, A UNIQUE MOTION SOLUTION PLATFORM IN EUROPE, offers a variety of motion component solutions using products which offer the best technological solution, quality and reliability. Products include:

DC motors (ironless): These offer a maximum rated continuous power in the range 0.5 to 90W.
Brushless motors: Available in sizes from 10 to 86mm.
Stepper motors (Disc Magnet Technology): Sizes are from 10 to 90mm.
Hybrid or tin can stepper motors
Linear actuators offering from 1.7 to 6W of power per winding.
Spur and Planetary Gearboxes with torques from 12 mNm to 10 Nm. and customized gearboxes.
DC Motors (low Cost): 8mm to 42mm LOW cost DC motors.
Hybrid Stepper motors: range in size from 20mm to 110mm diameter.
Intelligent drivers using DSP technology for DC, brushless and stepper motors, with integrated intelligence.

For a simple component to a sophisticated motion solution DELTA LINE will study the best solution for its customers. DELTA LINE integrates the more suitable Motion technologies with unique Custom design as from small quantities to larger volume.

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