Delta Membrane Systems Ltd

At Delta Membrane Systems, we specialise in waterproofing systems including Delta membranes, sumps, pumps and waterproof floors. We have a wide range of waterproofing products to help you to save money and extend your home or business below ground.

Cost effective, simple to install, DELTA® membranes keep hydrostatic pressure away from walls, ceilings and floors keeping living spaces dry and insulated.

Our systems can be used on domestic and/or commercial properties from small scale basement conversions to major public works, such as the London Underground. The channel tunnel for example claims over 70,000m² of DELTA®-MS.

DELTA Systems can easily deal with aggressive ground water conditions, where basements are liable to flooding, or indeed where simple dampness, contamination or salting problems are prevalent.

  1. Aquaduct Drainage Pipe

    Aquaduct Drainage Pipe
    Aquaduct is a drainage channel which acts as a perimeter conduit bedded in at the floor/wall angle. Where appropriate, it can be laid under the slab to take off ground water to a sump or soak away, and reduce flotation pressures from bearing on the slab. Aquaduct is fully perforated for maximum performance, and incorporates an outer geotextile filter to prevent particles from entering the channel. The product comes on a roll 150m x 60mm diameter. It is also available in 100m x 100mm dia rolls, this size is typically used as an external land drain.
  2. Aquaproof Wetroom System

    Aquaproof Wetroom System
    The Aquaproof System has been developed specifically to prevent water leakage from tiled areas, including wetrooms, shower areas, bathrooms and kitchens. Aquaproof system is compatible with a wide range of substrates, including ply sheeting, shower tray formers, plasterboard, MDF, cementitious screed and most commonly available waterproof construction boards. The applied Aquaproof System can tolerate normal levels of movement in a room and does not become brittle with age.
  3. Basement Protection

    Basement Protection
    The MaxxConnect™ family is a range of products specifically designed for the basement waterproofing pump industry. An intelligent approach toward design has resulted in optimum functionality, maximum efficiency and ease of installation and service.
  4. Battery Back Up

    Battery Back Up
    This new and improved battery backup is specifically designed for pump applications. It can run 2 x V3 ground water pumps without mains power for up to 4 days depending on number of cycles/hr, sits in standby mode for over three weeks and is virtually inaudible. 1 or 2 pumps are directly fed through PowerMaxx. If power failure occurs, the pump/s automatically take power from PowerMaxx which will have been fully charged during mains operation. PowerMaxx will automatically recharge when mains power returns.
  5. Battery Back Ups

    Battery Back Ups
    Our battery back ups are to be used with our pumps to keep them running in case of power failure. The UPS Power Pack unit has been specially converted to run one V3 pump. The unit has an integral audible alarm. The Battery system is designed to be located outside the sump in a convenient and dry location.
  6. Bespoke Pump Chambers

    Bespoke Pump Chambers
    800 x 1300 SERIES
  7. DELTA® Corner Strip

    DELTA® Corner Strip
    One-sided sealing tape typically used for wall to floor joint. It can also be used for patch repairs, detailing and creates a vapour seal. When applying this onto steel the steel should be cleaned and primed with our bitumen primer
  8. DELTA® Drain

    DELTA® Drain
    Two-way dimpled sheeting with integral geotextile for the protection of foundation wall waterproofing against mechanical damage and for reliable drainage of stratified water and slope water. Manufactured with a geotextile layer to filter out fines from the drainage core. Can be used up to 5m deep.
  9. DELTA® Drainage Channel

    DELTA® Drainage Channel
    DELTA® Drainage Channel is a water collection conduit which is bedded into a preformed channel at the floor/wall angle. Holes in the channel walls allow water to ingress at this point to drain away to a sump. We offer an option of having the channel with or without a 20mm upstand. Jetting eyes, (DMS094), are available to allow maintenance and inspection. The channel system is joined with a range of connectors:
  10. DELTA® EQ Drain

    DELTA® EQ Drain
    Compact high pressure drainage sheet to protect the waterproofing system, with integrated geotextile and drainage function. It conforms to DIN 4095 for drainage and DIN 18195 for waterproofing.